Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Philippine Cinema: Best Films for 2014

A total of 92 local films I have seen and make a review this year from different independent film festivals, regular mainstream film screening and special screenings. And now I will present my best local films for 2014.

Honorable Mention

                          21. Hustisya (Full Review)

                          20. K’na, The Dreamweaver (Full Review)

                          19. Kasal (Full Review)

                          18. Red (Full Review)

                          17. Mulat (Full Review)

                          16. #Y (Full Review)

                          15. Children's Show (Full Review)

                          14. Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon (Full Review)

                          13. M (Mother's Maiden Name) (Full Review)

                          12. Bwaya (Full Review)

                          11. Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (Full Review)

10. Mariquina

I like the simplicity of the story yet it will surely affect you as audience. I felt the pain of Imelda being a product of broken family. 

9. Lorna

This is a movie that fully earns its every emotional pull and has the wisdom and structure to dole them out through the film with amazing canniness. All praise for the film for giving us a hilarious film in which you laugh every minute.

8. The Janitor

As expected the film is a well done fast –moving action suspense flick with decent helping of tensions anchored by story that mirrors our society.

7. Barber’s Tales

 Nagustuhan ko kung paano isinulat ang pelikulang ito at kung paano inilahad ang istorya. Habang pinapanood mo ang pelikula ay unti unti mong nakikilala at lumalim ang bawat character sa pelikula.

6. Magkakabaung

I appreciate the style including the shaky camera and follow shot that gave us audience a sensible glimpse of the characters. What I like about their story telling is that they did not focus only to the main plot but their sub plot as well is integrated to the main plot for an effective wholeness of the film

(Full Review)

5. That Thing Called Tadhana

This is one of only a small number of films that can transport us back to the surprises, delights, and enchantments of a first encounter. It's funny, sympathetic, mostly smart, and it boasts a likable characters of two performers who have star power and know how to use it.

(Full Review)

4.  Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 

Pretty satisfying as a comedy - horror film, sparring gamely with genre conventions rather than embracing or spoofing them outright. Stunning visual effect and solid screenplay is what this film is all about and it delivers.

3. Esprit De Corps

This film features smooth photography, a crisp screenplay, and a breakthrough performance by the 3 lead stars.  Smooth sailing, direct to the point, powerful script and fantastic screenplay. A solid A film.

(Full Review)

2. Violator

The film’s sampler of bizarre story ideas and visual gimmicks, congealing around a premise that is so straightforward that it affords them no groundwork for stability or realization, an apocalyptic thrill ride that is as gritty as it is gripping, with a dark terror outgunned only by its daring humanity.

(Full Review)

1. Dagitab

The film could be completely transformed into a best-selling romance novel book. It was such a simple and pure story. Perfect. Loved it.

(Full Review)

Special Mention Documentary Films

3. Cemetery Life

Cemetery life depicts the realities of Filipinos living in a cemetery. Its like a life in a day of person living in cemetery.

(Full Review)

2. Documented

A very good true to life documentary film to open the 10th year anniversary of the premiere Independent Film Festival Cinemalaya. Good choice for the opening film. I was moved and touched by the film.

(Full Review)

1. Little Azkals

A technically polished documentary that is consistent to its tone and style all through out the film. This inspirational heartwarming documentary is undeniably uplifting and sweet.

(Full Review)

For Pop-corn / Mainstream Film

10. Feng Shui

It succeeds in giving us a fair share of scare this season.
The scare and excitement is still retain integrated with the Chinese symbolic zodiac animals.

(Full Review)

9. Diary ng Panget The Movie

Finally nakagawa na ulit ang Viva Films ng isang quality romcom na pede nilang pantapat sa Star Cinema. And we cannot deny the fact that the film is such a huge hit. 

(Full Review)

8. Shake, Rattle and Roll XV

A combination of entertaining and real goose bump factor capable of being funny, strange, and scary frequently all at the same time. An intelligent horror film that invests in a constant tension instead of resorting to scares and deserves credit for the amazing way that it fuses (and confuses) the reality with the imagination through wonderful transitions.

(Full Review)

7. The Trial

Too many dynamics of love in a complicated situation. Magkakatahi ang istorya at may pinanggagalingan ang bawat character sa pelikulang ito and that what makes this film got a good story and screenplay.

(Full Review)

6. Beauty in A Bottle

 This is a well-written smart, witty, funny comedy film that brings women empowerment and tackles women insecurities among themselves. This year’s one of the best local comedy film.

 (Full Review)

5. Past Tense

  This is one of my favorite Star Cinema movie this year. I really enjoy watching the film and got affected by the story. A pitch-perfect combination of romantic and comedy. A heart-warming film that delivers big with heart and wonderful performances from Kim, Xian and Aiai.

(Full Review)

4. English Only, Please

The film delivers with straightforward crowd-pleasing instincts. Feel-good stories feel good for a reason, and this one practically works.

(Full Review)

3. She's Dating The Gangster

 Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla has already master their chemistry as onscreen partners. It is evidently seen on the two timeline of the film wether it is past or present.

 (Full Review)

2. Starting Over Again

What I like about the film is the story development, non-linear story telling na unti unting kinikwento sa mga manonood ang kwento ng pelikula. Gumawa sila ng paraan na hindi agad ibigay lahat lahat at hindi naging predictable yung dating kaya may aabangan ka talaga sa mga susunod na eksena.

(Full Review)

1. The Gifted

I like how the film was written and executed. The film will give you a fresh take of a mainstream dark comedy local film.


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