Saturday, 27 December 2014

Movie Review: Feng Shui

A young man finds himself in the possession of an ancient mirror that carries a terrifying curse.
If you are fan of the first Feng Shui you will surely like this film. The scare and excitement is still retain integrated with the Chinese symbolic zodiac animals. It sticks with the formula that they use in the first film that sort of manipulative and intentional build up of tension. The films tend to be an exercise in formula rather than innovation. The drill is the same. Only the specifics have changed. Coco Martin is a good additional to the casts as he effectively delivers his character here and I felt somehow affected in some of his scenes. He is just a brilliant actor here.
Though not a great horror film it succeeds in giving us a fair share of scare this season. Don't leave the cinema yet after the initial end credit as there still a scene that  will have audiences excited for what else is to come. Seems like the curse still not end and may go on in our digital world. If you don't mind repetition and love to chill in a local horror flick you will definitely enjoy this gruesome but entertaining spectacle.
My Verdict: 3.5/5

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