Friday, 19 December 2014

Movie Review: Mulat

How much choice do we have in shaping our destinies? Sam is about to make the big leap and marry her boyfriend when a powerful dream convinces her otherwise. Starting over, she meets Jake and it seems she has finally found her soul mate. But a strange mental affliction threatens to change her life once more and possibly her last chance at happiness for good. This film is about the evolution of love and the understanding of it, as reflected in the dynamics of intimate relationships.

Mulat surprised me by it’s appeal in it’s non-linear storytelling and it’s ability to effortlessly flit back and forth in time, giving you an inside look at the whole anatomy of a relationship.
The film takes us to an honest take of a man and woman towards relationship. It manages to deliver a story of women dilemma  and man's non-commital attachment . I like the dialogues that mostly in English as it felt so real that everbody can relate to. I learned a lot of things here about the argument of both sexes in a relationship. Seems to be a battle that you hear both sides of the story. Watch out for the twist on the film as you'll not expect its coming. Jake Cuenca conveys fresh performance for his subtle and less dramatic instance of method acting. Loren Burgos is a revelation, as a newbie in the industry, she's been able to deliver complex character that is pivotal to the film. For directorial debut of Diane Ventura, the film was impressively handled and brings a fresh approach to the tired old boy-meets-girl formula. After watching this film you'll reflect on the current status of your relationship to your boyfriend or girlfriend and assess if its worth staying and that's the impact the film gave to me.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


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