Friday, 19 December 2014

Movie Review: Maratabat

When the people of Maratabat finally realize that their time under the corrupt politician clan of the Abubakars has to come to an end, a series of violent acts occur one after another. The people rally behind another clan -- the Mahardikas -- to end the violence and place a new leader in their region. Will the Mahardikas choose a path of cruelty or peace? Will it be for honor or will it be for pride?

One of the MMFF new wave entry that gave strong impact to the audience. A very brave film that tackles the political dynasty in our country. This film mirrors our society especially in the province. I like the message as well as the moral lesson
that film impart to us audience. I hope that this message can affect somehow those people having the same situation.
The film effectively set the mood that it would like to deliver by giving us well mounted and effective musical scoring and vibrant shots of Maratabat. Noticeable performance from the casts starting to the indie actors up to the veteran actors like Julio Diaz, Kristofer King ,Richard Quan, and Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa. Ofcourse the subdued performance from Ping Medina is worth wacthing and could be a strong contender for best actor.I like the symbolic scene of Ping Medina with the muslim ritual. Thats a powerful and mind-blowing scene. All praise for the death defying scene of the versatile indie actress Chanel La Torre that as always deliver and give worthy performance. I also praise the director for giving us story from Mindanao that I am always looking forward to watch as this kind of story is not usually shown in films.

My Verdict:  3/5


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