Thursday, 25 December 2014

Movie Review: English Only, Please

Julian (played by Derek Ramsay) is on the look for a translator who knows how to translate English to Filipino to teach him the language for certain reasons. After several interviews, he hired Tere (played by Jennylyn Mercado) to teach him Filipino. Along the way, Tere and Julian become friends who tell each other's love relationship, which in turn are very unfortunate. Towards the end, Tere falls for Julian, but it seems like Julian is back with his ex-girlfriend (played by Isabel Oli) -- the very reason why he hired a Tere.

As sweet as the story is and as charming as Derek Ramsey and Jennylyn Mercado are  in the lead roles as two broken hearted meet and fall in love to each other, the film delivers with straightforward crowd-pleasing instincts. Feel-good stories feel good for a reason, and this one practically works. Jen and Derek delivers remarkable performances that give the film both touching, raw, authentic emotion and a certain kinetic humor.

Nakakatawa ang mga eksena lalo sa part ng story ni Jen, and daming mga eksena na ikakarelate ng masa lalo na sa mga pusong sawi. Jen perfectly delivers in romcom genre and I am happy for her that finally she was given a break this time in romantic comedy. Though we saw Jen's romcom acting when she was starting in the indudtry via the film Say That You Love Me and Lovestruck but this time, Jen has given a good material and script that many people can relate. Patunay dito ang viral na terminal scene and 2 million views of the trailer. So I think she's back and hopefully will be given more worthy projects. If I remember this is the third time, the first 2 films are Bluemoon and Rosario, na nabigyan siya ng quality film sa MMFF pero di napansin ang kanyang acting, so sana masungkit na niya this time ang Best Actress.

For Derek Ramsey I think this is his first lead role na hindi ginamit ang kanyang kakisigan for his character kundi ang kanyang charm and it works for him. In this film he shows his versatility. So para sa may nga hugot sa kanilang x at nag tanga-tangahan sa pag-ibig, this movie is for you as the film perfectly captures your experience. Kung gusto niyong mag enjoy at kiligin ngayon pasko, dont't miss this well written local romantic comedy film.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay @ Press Preview of English Only, Please

Derek Ramsay, Jennylyn Mercado and Direk Dan Villegas @ Press Preview of English Only, Please

Lenlen Frial @ Press Preview of English Only, Please

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