Sunday, 21 December 2014

Movie Review: Gemini

Julia, a psychiatric patient is tormented by her demons. Stricken by guilt and fear, she seeks the help of Manuel, a mysterious police detective, to save her from Judith, her estranged evil twin sister who wants her dead. As Julia and Manuel track Judith down and solve the crime that the twins committed years back, the film spirals down to a mind boggling ride as the truth of Julia’s nightmarish dark past unravels.

A passable cinematic experiment that does reward the viewer's patience on a relatively consistent basis. A flawed but fascinating experiment. I loved the basic plot idea and its mordant minimalism. The film's unique treatment of telling a story strangely succeeds in mashing together both intense suspense and pshycological film. Though it seems derivative at times, it's offbeat, it's violent, it's well written, and it's well acted. I appreciate the style and director’s treatment of the film.  Production design is stunning. This film will let you experience the moment to moment of unparalleled craziness, experimental narrative, character dexterity and in depths director’s vision of the film. So if you want to watch an unusual local suspense psychological film, catch this on MMFF New Wave.

My Verdict:  3/5

Twin Sisters Brigitte McBride and Sheena Mc Bride @ screening of their film Gemini in Glorieta 4 Cinema


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