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My Movie World Readers' Choice 2018

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Philippine Cinema: Best Films for 2018

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Regal’s One Great Love wins Best Actor and Third Best Picture; earns nominations in MMFF2018

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My Verdict for Metro Manila Film Festival 2018

Movie Review: Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles

It revolves about a team of "puliscredibles", consisting of three charismatic and adventurous police officers named Jack, Emily, and Popoy, who embark on a mission to stop crimes from occurring within their vicinity. 

Movie Review: Fantastica

Bellat (Vice Ganda) lives with his mother, Fec (Jaclyn Jose) and his three adopted brothers Daks (Ronnie Alonte), Pepe (Edward Barber) and Junjun (Donny Pangilinan) in a close to bankruptcy carnival called Perya Wurtzbach, the happiest place on Earth, the Universe rather. Everyone has given up on the perya except for Bellat. She tries to relive their glory days by making small-time performances with her friends Chakalyn Jose (Lassy Marquez) and Chubbylyn Jose (MC Calaquian) but even if they try, it's useless. They are also in the verge of being evicted from their land by Dong Nam's (Dingdong Dantes) family because of debts.

Meanwhile, Bellat met an old friend, Prince (Richard Gutierrez), who is looking for the lost princesses Rapunselya (Loisa Andalio), Maulan (Maymay Entrata), and Ariella (Kisses Delavin) of their magical land named Fantastica. Prince promised Bellat to rebuild her perya if she helps him find the lost princesses. Things started to get weird when fantastical characters started to appear in their perya.

Movie Review: OTLUM

Fred (Buboy Villar) has always wanted to feel like he belonged - and attention is the last thing he can expect from family and friends. He then meets a group of friends in campus, Allan (Jerome Ponce), Dindo (Ricci Rivero), Verna (Michelle Vito), Erwin (Vitto Marquez) and Caloy (Danzel Fernandez), a mix of spoiled and nice students whose personalities will clash on how they will treat Fred who is desperate to be part of their group. The group led by Allan despite the strong disapproval by Dindo decided to take fried in one condition - he has to go through an initiation.  

Fred is posed with a simple challenge - stay inside an old, abandoned orphanage in one night. It sounds easy until Fred discovers that he is inexplicably stuck inside the orphanage and there's no way out.  

The abandoned orphanage having a deep dark story in the past - the group are not sparred with a bunch of problems coming their way. With OTLUMS out in revenge roaming around the abandoned orphanage, the mysteries are just waiting to be uncovered. 

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Movie Review: One Great Love

Kim plays the role of Zyra Paez, a woman who believes that love will complete her and will bring her joy. JC is Carl Mauricio, who is Zyra’s one great love. However, because of Carl’s turbulent past, he unintentionally keeps hurting the woman he loves. Dennis is Ian Arcano, Zyra’s dependable friend, who eventually falls in love with her. These three lives are intertwined in a story that reveals to us that like all human beings, we all seek for love, but everyone see it differently.

Movie Review: The Girl in the Orange Dress

Jericho plays Rye, a superstar and a certified girl magnet. He is the object of many girls fantasy, including Jessy’s friends. On the other hand, Jessy plays Anna, a mysterious, happy go-lucky-girl who always throws caution to the wind.

Rye and Anna’s paths crossed and suddenly things happen. They end up in bed and everything turns upside down. That singular encounter added color into their lives. Their picture together went viral and became a hot topic on the television but the public is clueless about Anne’s identity. They only know her as the girl in the orange dress.

Will Rye and Anna fall for each other after knowing their true identity and experiencing the pressures from the public?

Movie Review: Mary, Marry Me

Mary, Marry, Me is the story of Mary Jane (Toni) and her estranged younger sister Mary Anne (Alex) who is set to marry the former’s ex-boyfriend Pete (Sam Milby). Despite the initial hesitation, Mary Jane’s commitment to make up to her sister has enabled her to set aside her uneasiness with her ex-boyfriend as she agreed to plan their wedding.

Movie Review: Aurora

Over a thousand passengers perish when a passenger ship named “Aurora” collides into a rocky shore. Many of the dead bodies turn up along the shore of the tiny island near the shipwreck, but many are still missing, and their distressed families are in need of a place to stay in as the search continues.Anne Curtis plays Leana, owner of a rundown inn in the island and guardian to Rita, her 8-year-old sister, played by Phoebe Villamor. She is asked to help look for the cadavers in exchange for a large amount of money. Leana is hesitant, but her fear is overcome by her sympathy for the families and her sister’s encouragement. Helping her in the search are her ex-boyfriend Ricky, played by Marco Gumabao, and a boatman named Eddie, played by Alan Paule.

Though they are willing to brave the strong waves and murky waters, will they have the heart to face whatever awaits them deep in the ocean? Can Leana protect her sister when the dead find their way home?

Movie Review: Rainbow's Sunset

Ramon Estrella, an 84-year old retired senator, temporarily leaves his wife of six decades to take care of his gay best friend who is dying of cancer.

He has his wife’s blessings, but Ramon’s three children are scandalized. The old man defies their collective protest and declares that he loves his friend—godfather to all three both in baptism and matrimony—the same way that he loves his wife. The news quickly sends shock waves to the community, raising the hackles of the ex-senator’s second-born, the first of two feisty daughters. As the city’s newly elected mayor, she is the sole heiress to her father’s political legacy. When the youngest child—a formidable feminist and activist—sides with her father and godfather, and the eldest—a weakling and flawed bureaucrat—figures in a scandal of his own, the siblings turn on one another, resulting in a full-blown three- sided war.

Their ever patient and loving matriarch does her beatific best to sue for peace among her brood—with some timely help from the absent patriarch. Blood eventually proves thicker than water, but the force of filial piety cannot mend all of the siblings’ differences. Not when one of them remains resolute in her prejudice against homosexuality.

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Face Your Fears This Christmas in OTLUM - MMFF 2018 Official Entry

Superstar & Mystery Girl Love Story Unveiled in The Girl in the Orange Dress - MMFF 2018 Official Entry

Experience Love This Christmas in One Great Love - MMFF 2018 Official Entry

KathNiel is A Proud Ambassador of Shawarma Shack

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Rainbow's Sunset - A Family Oriented Film To Watch Out on MFFF 2018

Anne Curtis faces shipwreck horror in Aurora - MMFF 2018 Official Entry

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Coco Martin, Maine Mendoza and Vic Sotto join forces in Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles

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First IMAX with Laser in Southeast Asia opens at Evia Lifestyle Center

Coming Soon: Motel Acacia

Movie Review: Kahit Ayaw Mo Na

Joey (Empress Schuck), a designer looking for a local start up business goes to Samar with her boyfriend Reggie (Daniel Matsunaga) where they meet Edlyn (Desiree del Valle) and Dong (Alan Paule), a couple who runs a banig-weaving business. Living with them is their daughter and aspiring composer Ally (Andrea Brillantes).

Meanwhile, food and travel vlogger Mikee (Kristel Fulgar) and her friend Jiro (Kuya Sawa) visit the province to feature Samar’s Secret Kitchens -- a well-guarded family recipe of Dong’s mother.

While they enjoy the beautiful places and people of Samar, Joey and Mikee struggle with their respective personal issue, as both of them hold a grudge to the father’s they never knew. Ally on the other hand, is dealing with an unrequited love problem.

Joey and Mikee were invited to Edlyn and Dong’s wedding. But an unexpected revelation will ruin everyone’s celebration.


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Vice, Richard, Dingdong team up with Kapamilya Love Teams in MMFF 2018 entry Fantastica

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Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga are Ready To Bring Fun Rivalry and Family Love in Mary, Marry Me - MMFF 2018 Offcial Entry

Natural Disaster Flick "The Signs" Hits Cine Lokal

European influences in Philippine cinema at Cine Europa 2018

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Piolo Pascual is a Proud Endorser of Herb-all Amazing Pure Organic Barley

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Poll: What films are you going to watch at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018?

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 Official Entries

MarNigo Serenades the Elderly During Vivo’s Charity Event