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Experience Love This Christmas in One Great Love - MMFF 2018 Official Entry

What does it really mean to love?

This Holiday Season, experience one inspiring love story with One Great Love, Regal Entertainment, Inc.’s Christmas offering, which is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018.

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to discover what true love really means?

This season of loving and giving, let us all watch a quality movie that will show us what unconditional love is all about.

One Great Love is a dream-come-true movie project for Dennis Trillo and JC de Vera, who both wanted to work with Kim Chiu.

One Great Love, Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Metro Manila Film Fest entry this 2018, brings together three of the best actors of this generation.

Watch as the cast Kim Chui, Dennis Trillo, Miles Ocampo, Marlo Morte, and director Eric Quizon Alcazaren share their fond moments and take us behind the scenes in filming One Great Love.

The project is also a collaboration among artists from two different TV networks; Dennis, who is from GMA-7 and Kim and JC, who are both Kapamilya actors.

A very reliable source revealed that Dennis has a huge admiration for Kim: which is why when the story was pitched to the Kapuso actor, he immediately accepted the project. Dennis’s main consideration in accepting the project was to finally get the chance to work with Kim and the story that is very relatable.

Meanwhile, this is also the case with JC. While he and Kim belong to one TV network, JC was still hoping to work with Kim in a movie project, and One Great Love is the realization of that dream. Dennis, JC and Kim admire each others’ dedication and passion for this project.

On the other hand, the director of the movie, Direk Eric Quizon, dished out why he considers it a joy to be directing Dennis, JC, and Kim.

For one, he called the three as genuine and professional actors.

“Chemistry between the actors of OGL came easy because they are all genuinely sincere actors. Walang mga arte and true to their craft. And I can tell that they all love their work! Walang ‘divaness’ factor silang lahat. Usually, doon lang naman talaga lumalabas ang awkwardness, pag may mga feeling sa artista. I am so lucky that I worked with professional actors,” related Direk Eric.

He continued that he admires their dedication.

“Not just dedication but passion is given all the way. But more importantly, they all love what they are doing, that is why the industry loves them back. Magaling silang tatlo!”

Direk Eric admitted that Kim was nervous because it was her first time to do her love scene.

But like a true professional, she still went on and did the intimate scenes.

“Like what I said, if an actor is sincere and is passionate about the craft, it doesn’t become a challenge. It becomes easy not just for the director and staff, but to the actors involved. Of course, you hear Kim shriek after the scene because she is already anticipating what her fans will think!” said Direk Eric. He took pride in saying that the main actors—Dennis, JC, and Kim—leveled up as actors in this movie.

He explained, “A more mature Kim showcasing her distinct acting prowess. A suave convincing JC, who looks good in uniform, which I am certain women will all fall in love with. Dennis leaves a solid mark as a great dramatic actor with his minimalist performance.

“This is a different kind of love story with all the twists, kilig, hugot, and puso.”

Asked about the biggest challenge he had to face in the movie, Direk Eric replied, “The challenge for me is whether I will be able to finish the movie for submission to the MMFF screening. Moreover, the biggest pressure is whether I will be chosen as an official entry.”

In the movie, Dennis, JC, and Kim take on roles that get entangled in a love triangle.

Kim plays the role of Zyra Paez, a woman who believes that love will complete her and will bring her joy. JC is Carl Mauricio, who is Zyra’s one great love. However, because of Carl’s turbulent past, he unintentionally keeps hurting the woman he loves. Dennis is Ian Arcano, Zyra’s dependable friend, who eventually falls in love with her. These three lives are intertwined in a story that reveals to us that like all human beings, we all seek for love, but everyone see it differently.

One Great Love introduces to us a number of characters, to which at least one of them we could relate to. The movie helps us understand ourselves through the characters: are you the type to cling to someone you love no matter what or are you willing to let it go for someone you love?

The film also stars Eric portraying Dante Paez, Zyra’s loving father, who never got over his One Great Love, discovers that he deserves a second chance at love. Nina Dolino as Annie Paez, Dante’s second wife, who is a firm believer that One Great Love exists. Miles Ocampo is Jemi Paez, sister of Zyra and who is mature for her age. She is a practical thinker, who challenges Zyra’s view about love. Marlo Mortel is Bryan Gomez, a loving free-spirited guy who falls in love with Jemi.

One Great Love opens in cinemas on December 25th, Christmas Day, an Official Entry to the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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