Thursday, 27 December 2018

Movie Review: Fantastica

Bellat (Vice Ganda) lives with his mother, Fec (Jaclyn Jose) and his three adopted brothers Daks (Ronnie Alonte), Pepe (Edward Barber) and Junjun (Donny Pangilinan) in a close to bankruptcy carnival called Perya Wurtzbach, the happiest place on Earth, the Universe rather. Everyone has given up on the perya except for Bellat. She tries to relive their glory days by making small-time performances with her friends Chakalyn Jose (Lassy Marquez) and Chubbylyn Jose (MC Calaquian) but even if they try, it's useless. They are also in the verge of being evicted from their land by Dong Nam's (Dingdong Dantes) family because of debts.

Meanwhile, Bellat met an old friend, Prince (Richard Gutierrez), who is looking for the lost princesses Rapunselya (Loisa Andalio), Maulan (Maymay Entrata), and Ariella (Kisses Delavin) of their magical land named Fantastica. Prince promised Bellat to rebuild her perya if she helps him find the lost princesses. Things started to get weird when fantastical characters started to appear in their perya.

Infairness to Fantastica, I enjoyed and had more laugh as compare to Revenger's Squad last year. This one for me is much much better as compare to Vice film last year. Good casting, touching story, decent screen play and special effects and a ton of laugh. I really had a laugh out load  to the series of Hows of Us spoof scenes of Vice, Richard and Dingdong. Kudos to the two leading men
and to Ms. Jaclyn Jose for being game and getting out of their comfort zone to those hilarious scenes for this film. Of course the three love teams, MayWard, DonKiss and LoiNie have their own shining moments and add color to the film. Ronnie Alonte, Donny Pangilinan and Edward Barber are such an eye candy and those three  girls Maymay, Kisses and Loisa are pretty like a princess. So if youre a fan of this brand of comedy and entertaining film you'll definitely enjoy this.


My Verdict:  3.5/5

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