Saturday, 28 September 2019

Movie Review: #Jowable

Likable. Lovable. Jowable. But no JOWA! This is the sad fate of Elsa (Kim Molina), a 30-something No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth girl, who wishes for a love life and a boyfriend. She’s pretty, sexy and funny. Although her drinking habit gets out of control sometimes, she is not a bad catch at all. So what is wrong with her?! What does her mother Liberty (Kakai Bautista), who changes boyfriend as often as she changes clothes, and her happily in love friend Karissa (Cai Cortez) have that she doesn’t? Her only wish in life: SANA ALL can easily get a boyfriend. SANA ALL can be happily in love.

Movie Review: Kiko En Lala

Produced by Backyard Productions, Super Tekla plays a challenging dual role as the conjoined twins Kiko and Lala. Kiko is the tough and masculine twin, while Lala is the outspoken and witty gay twin. Because of their condition, the inseparable twins were transported to the carnival known as ‘Kambal Karnibal.’ In spite of their differences, Kiko and Lala contentedly live their lives in each other’s close-knit company. Problem arises when the twins wish to be separated from one another but there’s a catch – only one body can exist and the adrift two souls must fight over it.

Sun Life boosts health and wellness thrust with SunPIOLOgy Xone

Friday, 27 September 2019

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko Sa Love, A Movie For Millennials

Edward Gets Commercial Screening Starting Oct 2, 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Exciting film selection for QCinema’s seventh installment

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Kyline Alcantara Stars On Her First Lead Role in a Film - Black Lipstick

Marineros Holds Successful Premiere Night

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Viral 'Jowable' Clips Now Getting a Full-Length Film!

Rambo: Last Blood Hits PH Theater On Sept 20, 2019

My Verdict for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Movie Review: Verdict

Abused and battered wife, Joy, stands up for justice against her alcoholic husband, Dante, in a turmoil process of the justice system.  After she is severely beaten by her abusive husband, a woman decides to take him to court and seek justice and what follows is an excruciatingly matter-of-fact look into the justice system in the Philippines as experienced by both sides.

Movie Review: The Panti Sisters

Daniel (del Rosario), Samuel (Bables), and Gabriel (Ballesteros), the three gay brothers brought together by their dying father (John Arcilla) only to find themselves in a difficult situation when their father asks each of them for a grandchild in exchange for an extravagant inheritance. 

Movie Review: G!

G! revolve around the lives of a barkada who goes on a series of crazy YOLO adventures. They are out on a road trip to fulfill the bucket list of their friend Sam (McCoy De Leon) who is battling with cancer.  Sam’s bucket list included wild stuff like getting drunk until he drops, skinny dipping, getting a tattoo, and losing his virginity. 

Monday, 16 September 2019

Movie Review: LSS (Last Song Syndrome)

LSS tells the story of Sarah (Gabbi Garcia) and Zack (Khalil Ramos), as they enter adulthood. Sarah dreams of making it big in the music scene but somehow circumstances prevent her from realizing her full potential. Zack, on the other hand, yearns for a girl who is in love with someone-else.

Movie Review: Circa

Doña Atang, a once celebrated film producer from the earlier years of Filipino cinema, celebrates her one hundredth birthday. For her wish, she wants a reunion with all the actors and staff that she has worked with in the past. She is also looking for an unfinished film form one of her directors. Her grandson, a budding filmmaker, Michael decides to take the task of finding them. As he does, we remember the glorious years of cinema from its workers-fragments of colorful past filled with faded memories. Will it remain as part of the past?

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Movie Review: Watch Me Kill

Watch Me Kill is about a ruthless woman assassin which her plan got interrupted when she discovers that the man she needs to kill has more to hide than expected. Her life unravels as she must juggle her new priorities with her inner demons. Set in a world where violence rules over virtue, she must face the hardest reality - is she the real danger or the monsters that control the criminal world?

Movie Review: Lola Igna

Living in a secluded hut in the middle of rice fields, Lola Igna is a 118-year old grumpy grandmother who is vying for the Amazing People of The World’s “The Oldest Living Grandmother in the World”. Being the oldest living grandmother in the Philippines, Lola Igna’s only wish is to gently pass on to the next life.

TBA Studios Presents "Habambuhay", A Docu Series Celebrating The 100th Year of Philippine Cinema

Athtete: The Standards of Society In Order To Love Freely

Friday, 13 September 2019

Movie Review: Cuddle Weather

Adela is an experienced call girl who aspires to become a high-end prostitute. Ram is a wait listed seaman who ventures into prostitution to earn money for his family.

Movie Review: I'm Ellenya L.

The film follows the simple but ambitious 21-year old Ellenya Lakampanti (played by Maris) on her quest to become the next big vlogger.  On most days, Ellenya spends her time patterning her online presence on her celebrity idol (with the special participation of Sue Ramirez playing herself). Luckily, her musician father Daddy Toots (Gio Alvarez) is there to support her. Even if it means climbing on a roof to get her that perfect "drone shoot".

Her bestfriend, talented photographer and literal boy-next-door, Peng (Inigo Pascual) is also always there. Even though, frankly, he has become quite wary of Ellenya's obsession with the image she projects online. 

When a chance encounter leads Ellenya to meet Sue Ramirez' starmaker and fellow influencer Kyle Quintos (Patrick Sugui), she takes the opportunity to get his help. Quintos can transform her into the big time vlogger she dreams of becoming. He agrees to help her on one condition: she has to prove her potential by becoming viral online within a week.
In an age where everyone is an influencer, and where everyone is a blogger, what does it take to be "instafamous" Are "likes" and "follows" all that really matters nowadays?

Movie Review: Open

Rome and Ethan, a couple who have been together for 14 years. He is the love of her life, and she is his number one supporter. They are each other's firsts and to their friends, they are the perfect couple. When the two begin to feel that their relationship has gone tale, they explore the idea of going open. It's something Ethan wants to do, and it's the only way Rome feels she can keep her man. They agree that they are allowed to have sex with strangers, but they are not allowed to fall in love. In a relationship built over time, the two begin to 'explore' expecting to salvage the exact same thing they are giving up.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Dreams are possible when someone believes in you with Globe Studios' LSS (Last Song Syndrome)

Friday, 6 September 2019

Circa Puts Together Some of the Finest Actors of Philippine Cinema

Direk Jade Castro talks about his film “LSS"(Last Song Syndrome)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Arci Muñoz and JC Santos Dare To Go Beyond The Limits in Black Sheep and T-Rex Entertainment's Open

Bauty and Seth Play Mother and Son in iWant Psycho-Horror Movie "Abandoned"

Viddsee announces finalists in third annual Juree Awards Philippines 2019

Agsunta Embraces Feels In Its First Major Concert

Alex Gonzaga is the new endorser of Nail.Glow