Monday, 15 December 2014

My Take on Upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival 2014

Here's My Prediction For MMFF 2014

For the Box Office


1. The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin  
2-3. My Big Bossing  
2-3. Feng Shui  
4-5. Shake, Rattle and Roll XV
4-5. Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2  
5-6. English Only, Please  
7. Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo
8. MM.357

For The Awards Night

Best Picture

 2nd Best Picture

 3nd Best Picture

Possible Best Director

Enzo Williams -  Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo
Chito Roño - Feng Shui
Erik Matti - Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles

Possible Best Actor 

I think it's a toss between Robin Padilla and Coco Martin

Possible Best Actress

I want Jennylyn Mercado to win for Best Actress!

Possible Best Supporting Actor

I think Jericho Rosales, Rez Cortez and Joey Marquez are strong contenders for this category

Possible Best Supporting Actress

I think Cherry Pie Picache, Chanda Romero, and Lotlot De Leon are strong contenders for this category.

Based from the trailers, promotion and reception of the audience for of all MMFF entries here's my take:

My Top 4

The only romcom and I think the darkhorse in this years’ MMFF. More than 1 million views already for its first trailer on youtube and the viral terminal scene of Jennylyn that make us really laugh are the evidences that people are engaged in watching this film even my office mates are eager to watch this. So I hope the 1million views of trailer in youtube can be transform into box office and they can make it to at least top 3 or 4 in final run. My take on trailer is I like the tone, the feel, the texture and the glossiness of the film. I know that this film won’t fail me because we got the best crew for this film from the writer: Antonete Jadaone, editor: Marya Ignacio and cinematographer at the same time director of the film, Dan Villegas. So I have high expectation for this film and exited to watch this.

The much awaited sequel of the most anticipated horror film of 2000's, Feng Shui. Looking forward on how they are going to continue the story and sustain the horror and creepiness of the film. Coco Martin as additional cast is a plus factor of the film. So based on the trailer seems that the film is promising and I appreciate the cinematography and production design of the film. Kris Aquino is also to watch out on this film and ofcourse her trademark scream! Chito Roňo’s direction is also something to look forward for this film after I was amazed for his entry last year, Boy Golden and after giving us one of the best film last year, the critically acclaimed political drama suspense Badil, let’s see what’s new he can bring in the table for horror genre.

If I gave a perfect rating for the first part of this film what else can I expect for this sequel, Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles. Will the sequel can surprise me same with the initial franchise? For the breakthrough in local film making that they did in the first film as full length film that use green screen technology all throughout the film for sure they will give us more new, innovative and surprising special effects. So based on the trailer, the special effects and the production design are something to look forward to. The campiness and spunk of the film, the story, screenplay and the characters of Lotlot, Joey Marquez, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton and Bogart The Explorer could be the entertainment value that this film caters.

The film that I think people especially the children and youth should watch to for the sake of love for our history and to look back the sacrifice of one of our noble hero, Andres Bonifacio. Based on the trailer, seems that this is going to be an enormous and epic film with huge production value. I think our eyes could be visually satisfied for its huge sets, historical costumes and big war scenes. The good thing about this historical film is they attempt to urge younger audience to watch this by having present timeline in the film and bringing teen heartthrob Daniel Padilla as part of the casts to have this film an appeal to the younger audience.

The other remaining entries

The longest horror franchise every Christmas is back! Seems that our Christmas is really not complete without Shake, Rattle and Roll. Returning to its original format for 3 different directors for each episode. After the second-rate and least successful franchise in 2012 will they recover this time? Let’s see. Based on the trailer, I think the solid one is the Ulam episode by Jerold Tarog, we all know the credentials of this film maker so I think he will surprise us once again same with or much better with one of my favorite episode in Shake, Punerarya. Another episode that I am looking forward is the Ahas episode because this is based from the story of one of the longest urban legend that I heard ever since so I am really excited to see this on a big screen and on how they going to execute the story. Flight 666 for me is the episode that I least like based on the trailer but it got a solid premise of people being trapped inside a flying airplane so let’s see, who knows this episode could be the biggest revelation among three. It’s always a bonus for me every time I watch Shake Rattle and Roll because it’s like you’re watching 3 movies in a price of one but what could be much more bonus for me if after I watch the film is I wish that all of the 3 episodes would develop in a full feature film.

The yearly tradition of Star Cinema for giving us Vice Ganda comedy film every Christmas, now on its 3rd year. I think they still stick with the formula for giving us a punch line type of comedy. I just hope that this film will bring something new that they’ve not shown yet. But one thing for sure for this film is laugh trip and entertainment value for majority of the Filipino crowd or what we called “masa” that brings another box office hit for Vice-Wenn tandem. Based on the trailer, sakto lang hindi ako masyado natawa at na excite if I compare sa reaction ko when I watch the trailer of Sisterakas and Girl Boy not sure if may sawa factor na sa akin Vice or what let’s see if bebenta pa rin sa akin to. Alex Gonzaga and Bimby Yap are to watch out for this film. Direk Wenn said that he really prepare and work on for the most ambitious opening sequence in this film so l am looking forward on that scene.

I always say every year that I am not fan of a Vic Sotto film but there is something with him and his film that the masa would really love to watch. Every year I always see a lot of family together watching his film. I think Vic Sotto has a charm that engaged people to watch his films. Especially this year, we got another 3 in one film in MMFF. To make it different to their past entry this time they did 3 episodes for My Big Bossing and each has different genre one is comedy, the second one is horror comedy and the last one is comedy fantasy. They also commissioned 3 directors for this film  to give us 3 perspective of telling a story about the child wonder Aleng Maliit Ryza Mae and Bosing Vic Sotto. So I think this would be a bonus for all the supporters of Vic Sotto’s film and their edge with the other comedy film in this festival.  They also got Marian and have new discovery, the very cute Alonzo Mulach. I like the trailer, seems to be feel good, good vibes, funny and entertaining. A film to watch out for the whole family.

The only action film in this festival. ER Ejercito is supportive to our local film industry by being enthusiastic in creating action films every Christmas. In fairness to his last 3 entries in MMFF, all of it are good especially Boy Golden so let’s see if his entry this year will still a good one. Is Sam Pinto and Direk Jun Posadas a good choice for his film? Let’s see. The film will also tackle the life of Muslim that we don’t usually see in local films. I like the musical scoring in the first part of the teaser and also the shots and execution of the action scenes. I just hope that this film will get more promotion or shall I say that his poster is enough already to tease our brains. ER Ejercito is really consistent for giving us one of a kind expression and poster for his films. He makes sure that his poster is something that will catch attention and not easy to forget. Not sure if it’s intentional or that’s really his trademark.

Let’s Watch and Support all of the Entries in Metro Manila Film Festival 2014
Showing on December 25 2014 Nationwide!

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