Saturday, 8 November 2014

Movie Review: Cemetery Life

The Metro Manila cemetery is built like a ghost town, one and two-storey high mausoleums, with winding staircases and air-conditioning, were built as the last refuge for the wealthy deceased. Social Outcasts have discovered this place, and have begun moving into these Villas of the Dead. An infrastructure was formed, complete with shops, karaoke joints and cosmetic salons built within the tombs. At first sight, it seems almost idyllic, the poor who have set up their homes within these walls, live in a makeshift suburban Utopia.

Cemetery life depicts the realities of Filipinos living in a cemetery. Its like a life in a day of person living in cemetery. Ang ganda ng material ng movie at naipakita talaga nila ang buhay ng mga tao na ginawa ng tahanan ang sementeryo. This is a documentary that involves people living in cemetery and share their stories. Mga totoong tao talaga na nakatira sa sementeryo ang nagsi paggganap sa pelikulang ito at naging epektibo ito upang maging makatotohanan ang atake ng pelikula. Nakapture nila ang environment at naitawid ito ng maayos sa audeince. This is coming from a German film maker and  I believe that she is assisted by the good Filipino crew while making this film because the film shows real flavor of life of Filipinos. I like the style and treatment that they did in the film and I think this is one of the best entry for this year's QCinema International Film Festival.

My Verdict:  4/5

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