Saturday, 29 November 2014

MMFF New Wave Presents the 2014 Finalists

MMDA Chairman Tolentino during his opening speech at the press launch of MMFF New Wave

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) formally revealed the MMFF’s new wave finalists for this year’s competition.

In celebration of New Wave’s 5th annieversary, the MMFF New Wave hosted a dinner officially presented this year’s Full Feature, Student Shorts, CinePhone and Animation film rosters of finalists at Passion Resorts World Manila, November 25.

Alvin Anson, Sheena Mcbride, Brigitte Mcbride and Direk Ato Bautista for the the film Gemini at the press launch of MMFF New Wave

Ato Bautista, known for his films Cinco and Exchange, is very enthusiastic about his Full Feature entry, Gemini, about woman who is being tormented by her demons because of sins she and her twin commited years ago. “This is a mind-boggling film that will make you think, so you better be ready,” Bautista added.

Chanel Latore for the film Magkakabaung at the press launch of MMFF New Wave

On the other hand, Jason Paul Laxamana, famous for his film Babagwa (The Spider’s Lair), has always been intrigued by the Philippines’ casket capital, Santo Tomas Pampanga. So enters the idea for his Full Feature entry, Magkakabaung. In his search for a story, he discovered the life of Randy Alcantara, a poor coffin maker.

The panelists for this year’s MMFF New Wave competition were also amazed by the entries of the first-time directors Arlyn dela Cruz, Zig Dulay and Diane Ventura.

Maratabat is Arlyn dela Cruz’s entry which was inspired by her journey as a journalist. It depicts warring clans and the quest for justice.

Zig Dulay’s M is a familiar but unusual story about the getting to know relationship of a mother and son. And lastly, Diane Ventura’s Mulat shares the story of Sam, a girl who dreams of finding her true love as she struggles to live a normal life despite her schizophrenic tendencies.

According to Chairman Francis N. Tolemtino, MMDA and MMFF’s Overall Chairman, New Wave has come a long way.

“I am in awe and so proud that in just five years, the New Wave Section has not only made a name for itself in its own right in the independent film scene, but more importantly, it has become an actively sought-out avenue for filmmakers to showcase their works. It has expanded to accommodate our  young students and animators who are eager to share their stories and find their own voice through the art of films. Even Cinephone, a cellphone movie making contest for high school and college students nationwide, has given creative beginners a chance to shoot their films with a camera phone,” he said during his opening remarks.

“It takes passion, courage and whole lot of guts to pursue independent filmmaking. It is risky, full of challenges and sometimes disappointment. But as great as those challenges are, the rewards and recognition are far greater. The New Wave Section has been more thatn fortunate to share its cause with all of you, and for that, we are thankful,” Tolentino added.

Please check this link for the complete poster, synopsis, teaser and trailer of the entries in the New Wave Section of Metro Manila Film Festival 2014.

MMFF 2014 NEW WAVE SECTION will be shown from Dec 17-24 2014 in Glorietta 4 and SM Mega Mall cinemas!

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