Friday, 14 November 2014

Movie Review: Relaks, It's Just Pagibig

The love story of 16 years old student named Josh who bumped to a weird 16 year old girl named Sari who believes in a letter that tells the story of Salome and Elias who promises a forever love under the "Blue Moon". For Josh, Sari is lunatic but there's something with her that made him decide to join her in finding if it's true and it will be a long journey going to Leyte. And Sari reunited with an old friend Kiko who has feelings with her. With Kiko as a competition, how will Josh find ways to accept that he develops his feelings for Sari? Between Kiko and Josh who will be Sari promising her love under the blue moon?

Iňigo Pascual is so refreshing in the movie. He deserves a to be a given break not because he is son of Papa P because he got the looks of being artista. He also got the talent and appeal within. He is also good in acting as nebie in this film. Same goes with Sofia Andres that delivers raw acting for this film. The film will remind you of your first love and this film is not the typical first romance love story as the main characters of the film will give you the most complex character of a teen ager. There’s also humor and entertainment factor in the film with the help of charcters of Smokey Manaloto and Erika Villonco. Like real teenagers, Sari and Josh convincingly move from glowing objects of desire to comic relief to deeply troubled human beings.The whole film is a journey, a tale of adventure of first love which leads to discovery. The film is refreshingly coming of age, realistic, dramatic and reflective of today's teen ager. Satisfying enough to delight younger audience members, and maybe win over a few older ones, too.

My Verdict:  3/5

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