Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Movie Review: Esprit De Corps

Many are aspiring for the position of Major Mac Favila.  He is every cadets ideal officer- sharp, snappy, witty and most of all the most macho among the school's officers. 

Privates Abel Sarmiento, who was abused when he was a child and Cain Fujioka,  a half Japanese-Filipino whose Mother is a “Japayuki”, 
are the top contenders for his position. 

Will they do anything to get his position? 

This film features smooth photography, a crisp screenplay, and a breakthrough performance by the 3 lead stars Sandino Martin, JC Santos and Lharby Policarpio. I would also like to commend the strong direction of Khanakan Balintagos for making this A solid A film. This film is a good adaptation of the original play. Ang linis ng pagkakagawa sa pelikula. Smooth sailing, direct to the point, powerful script and fantastic screenplay. They’ve tackle and show sensitive issues with clear thoughts and message to convey. I also like the conclusion of the film about respect that’s very powerful and a touching scene for me and Sandino nailed it.

Sandino Martin deserves an acting award for this film. Ang galing galing niya sa pelikulang ito. Siya ang pinakaumutang sa lahat at iyong character niya as Abel ang pinakatumawid sa akin. He is a brilliant actor to watch for and deserves a big break in film. JC Santos also give a solid performance in the film and might get the best supporting actor award for this festival. Lhary Policarpio is good but needs to work on his voice. For the rest of the casts it’s an ensemble performance. Panalo din ang eksena ni Sue Prado sa pelikula that was an enormous cameo for this film. So this is really a good start for me in watching all of the entries of Cinema One Originals that I think they’ve got the best of the best entries this year. This is a good film, highly recommended and I think one of the best entries for this year’s Cinema One Originals. A solid quality drama, queer, erotic, sensual, military film.

My Verdict:  5/5

Lharby Policarpio, JC Santos and Sandino Martis @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

Lharby Policarpio, JC Santos and Sandino Martis @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

JC Santos @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

Direk Kanakan Balintagos, Gary Lim, Sandiono Martin and JC Santos @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

Angeli Bayani and Arnold Reyes @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

Direk Kanakan Balintagos @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

Lharby Policarpio @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

Sandino Martin @ Gala Night of Esprit De Corps

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  1. I just saw the film tonight and it is JC Santos as Major Mac who dominates and owns the movie with his standout performance - booming voice, fluid and intense delivery and very expressive face. He should win Best Actor this year. To prove that he is the lead actor, it is his handsome face which is highlighted in the poster. Sandino is one of my favorite new actors and he was equally good but his role (and that of Lharby's) is more of supporting role. According to director Kanakan in an interview, he replaced one of the 3 because he could not deliver and JC confirmed with us that he took over that actor. I don;t think the movie would have turned out the way it did if not for the great performances of the three led by JC and Sandino. Most of the scenes are tuhog and that is something very difficult to pull off but the actors and Kanakan did it excellently. Bravo to this wonderful film!