Saturday, 15 November 2014

Movie Review: The Babysitters

Caretakers for a kidnapped child, couple ROD and LUCY decide to run away with the child they named BEN rather than let it be killed after its parents turned to the cops for help.  Not equipped with any employable skills, they resort to scams to make ends meet. Once of their cons is to pose as a priest and a nun, but they are discovered and left with a lot of unused bibles.  

In school, Ben announces that his parents are a priest and a nun, and to cover this up, Rod and Lucy are forced to pretend being a missionary just organizing a ministry.  Ben is discovered to have memorized the Bible, and this leads to their “family” photo being used to publicize the ministry. Realizing that this will lead the kidnapping syndicate to their door, they run away again.

The Babysitters is a nice touching family but too predictable. The saving grace of the film is the story as it will show you the story of loving parents to his child. The film approaches simply yet touching revelations about the family and the nature of job of parents. This film could also be a pleasant film to watch on a big screen with the humorous screenplay injected by Paolo Ohara. It’s also nice to know that Katya Santos is back in this film by effective portrayal of a mother. The film is effective when it moves from funny scenes to touching family honesty and back to some more funny scenes. The story lines are predictable, but it tries to add in the right amount of drama, and ultimately, it should be entertaining to fans of the genre.

My Verdict:  3/5   

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