Saturday, 15 November 2014

Movie Review: Seoulmates

Alice, a 30 year old Filipino transwoman, decided to go after her boyfriend Jason in Korea. She never heard much from Jason since the guy went there to study. Alice planned a surprised visit only to find Jason living with his new girlfriend Suyong, a Korean woman whom Jason met and fell in love with. Devastated and depressed, Alice planned to kill herself by jumping off in the bridge where she would meet Joon.     
It's flawed but amiable, leading with its heart to tell a simple tale of refreshed love story of two broken hearted in Korea, blended with a little touch of witty to give the material a comforting lift. Despite technical glitches of the film especially in DOP, the film captures the heart of the audience and makes them laugh in some of the scenes. The idea is great, but the script feels a bit strained, and the ideas never really materialize into something you can truly sink your teeth into. The film suffers from a weak script that relies on romantic comedy formula, with little charm or comedic payoff. Oh I love the theme song by the way and I appreciate the tour that they gave me in Korea. Enjoyable, but flawed, and thanks to the great acting performance of Mimi Juareza and Jisoo Kim. So this film will surely appreciated by all koreanovela lovers.

My Verdict:  2.5/5

Direk Nash Ang, Jisoo Kim, and Mimi Juareza @ Gala Night of Seoulmates in Glorieta

Writer of Seoulmates with Mimi Juareza, Direk Nash Ang and Jisoo Kim @ Gala Night of Seoulmates in Glorieta

Casts of Seoulmates: Nash Ang also the director, Jisoo Kim, Mimi Juareza and RC Eusebio @ Gala Night of Seoulmates in Glorieta


  1. Hi, may i know where you watched the movie?

  2. Ive watched here in the Philippines last Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2014