Thursday, 20 November 2014

MM.357 Poster and Teaser - Metro Manila Film Festival 2014 Official Entry

Lt. Jamal (Portrayed by Jeorge Estregan), a veteran police agent, is known for his strong sense of justice, skills of doing undercover work, and tracking down syndicate masterminds. When Ameerah, (Played by Sam Pinto) a Muslim Princess, is kidnapped by a notorious syndicate, Jamal is put to a test to track down Ameerah and end the syndicate’s operations. Jamal tracks Ameerah down and as the mission progresses is able to rescue her. But soon, he faces a dilemma when he finds clues about who the true mastermind of the whole folly is. With resolve, he starts delving deeper in the situation, ready to catch those who are guilty; all before Ameerah’s clan wages war against a rival family, thinking that they are the ones responsible for the kidnapping. With a cold blooded henchman and the syndicate up on his tail, Jamal races to take Ameerah to safety and uncover the truth behind her kidnapping. Jamal is pushed to his limitations as he faces relentless pursuit from the syndicate and upholding his resolve of putting the ones at fault behind bars. Jamal’s principles are put on the line as he weighs the relevance of his morals and his duty; all under his belief as a Muslim. As he sinks deeper on the whole situation, he holds tightly on what he sees is true and right.

Starring: Jeorge Estregan and Sam Pinto

Directed By: Jun Posadas



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