Thursday, 13 November 2014

Movie Review: Hindi Sila Tatanda

A U.F.O sighting happens in Zambales in the mid 90s. 20 years later, a group of friends takes a trip to Zambales to retrace the legend of the sighting. What they don't know is they befriended an alien their age, an alien just waiting for friendship and love. Naive, he becomes the reason to ruin the friendship  already strained with many things unsaid.

A solid and mild spectacular story that is aided gently by its four likeable leads. Though geared towards a young adult audience, the film entertains with sleek humor, scary aliens, and urban location. I understand what the filmmaker was trying to do and they almost pulled it off, somewhat interesting plot that could have been more remarkable than it actually was. If you are fan of the old school camera with film and interested in alien sighting you will love this film. In this film I felt the indie film making in terms of approach and style of the film. So if you want to go indie and would like to watch alternative film for this festival watch this film.

My Verdict:  3/5

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