Thursday, 13 November 2014

Movie Review: Lorna

A midlife comedy drama of a woman’s romantic life—a story of being alone, growing old, looking for love, and moving on. Lorna, already in her 60’s, finds an online lover and an old flame that   will turn her life upside down. But at her age, is love too late for   a woman like Lorna?                   

An absolutely delightful and witty romantic comedy film. Succeeds so well because of the great, very real performances by the lead actress Sharmaine Buencamino and writer – film maker Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s smart, often hilarious dialogue. A warm-hearted, feel-good comedy that embraces oldness highlights a small piece of relationships. As bold and big of an audience-pleaser as I've seen all year, practically determined to reach out from the screen and high-five each ticket-buyer. It's a feel-good movie that does more than temporarily lift your spirits - it makes you feel a little better toward oldies, and your mother. This is a movie that fully earns its every emotional pull and has the wisdom -- and structure -- to dole them out through the film with amazing canniness. All praise for the film for giving us a hilarious film in which you laugh every minute. Lav Diaz also gives  remarkable performance for this film. He is literally cool and chill on his character. Ma. Isabel Lopez and Raquel Villavicencio also did well as support. You know this film will help you appreciate more of the old ones especially your mother that at their prime age they still experience the same things that we experience. I like to commend the glossiness of the texture of the film and most likely watchable by the audience of mainstream flick. I also like to commend the musical scoring of the film as it really suits the character of Lorna. If you like to appreciate more our senior citizens and laugh your heart out loud watch the journey of Lorna in this film. Another recommendable entry to watch on Cinema One Originals 2014.

My Verdict:  5/5

Direk Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, Raquel Villavicencio, Ms. Sharmaine Buencamino and Ma. Isabel Lopez @ Gala Night of Lorna in Glorieta

Direk Sigrid Andrea Bernardo and Ma. Isable Lopez @ Gala Night of Lorna in Glorieta

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, Raquel Villavicencio, Ms. Sharmaine Buencamino , Ma. Isabel Lopez and Angel Aquino @ Gala Night of Lorna in Glorieta

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