Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Movie Review: Soap Opera

Desperately finding ways to support their sickly child, Noel and Liza welcomes a new addition to their family, Ben a rich foreigner who is hoping to build a family of his own. Together they play the game of deceit and make believe, but the truth is far from being hidden as the daily soap operas vividly mirror what they have been hiding all along.

Mirroring, parallel of worlds, soap opera. I like the concept of the film. Very pinoy ang istorya ng pelikula kung paano ang mga tao ay nahuhuamaling sa soap opera, nirerelate ito sa kanilang buhay at ginagawang coping mechanism. May puso ang istorya dahil ito ay umikot sa kwento ng isang simpleng pamilya na gagawin ang lahat mabuhay lang ang ka isa isang anak. So the concept and moral values of the film are one of the good factors of the film. Nakakaaliw din iyong soap opera na ginawa nila for the film dahil soap na soap talaga ang atake and they’ve been able to achieve it. Nagustuhan ko din iyong isang soap na ginawa nila na Ramini na nalinisan naman ako sa effects.

This film gives us a fresh concept and entertainment value at the same time for its witty screenplay. Now for the technicalities of the film, screenplay is good though there are some awkward scenes that somehow not fit into the film especially in the real world element. I also commend the director of the film for making 3 films in one movie and intertwined all of it to make a one good film. It’s also challenging job for the editor to edit this film.

And I am not the only one who notices the acting of Natileigh Sitoy na medyo off in some of the scenes and somehow irritating. I don’t know if it’s intentional or really that’s her interpretation of the character. Anyway that’s only minimal and does not affect the totality of the film, Dahil bumawi naman sa husay sa pag arte si Matt Daclan and Chris Perris. Matt Daclan also gave a solid performance here na siyang nagbigay ng malalim na pagganap sa kanyang karakter at nakadagdag sa puso ng pelikula. For Lovi, Roco, Bugoy,Mercedes, Alma and Lex they portray themselves so its natural and they did good in the film. I also like the theme song of the film. And this film is also the reflection of our life that unlike in soap opera there’s no happy ending, there are consequences in every wrong action we take, and life is a never ending of moving on. Soap Opera is just there as entertainment value but not mirrored our lives. So if you like to watch a different kind of heartwarming drama family movie with fresh and unique plot watch this film.

My Verdict:  3.5/5

Cast of Soap Opera @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Cast and Crew of Soap Opera @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Cast of Soap Opera @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Lovi Poe, Direk Remton Siega Zuazola and Lex Zander Flores @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Direk Remton Siega Zuazola, Lovi Poe and Matt Daclan @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Direk Remton Siega Zuazola @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Lovi Poe @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Matt Daclan @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Natileigh Sitoy @ Gala Night of Soap Opera

Jomari Angeles @ Gala Night of Soap Opera


  1. Soap Opera was the first film I saw in this year's Cinema One Originals batch. I basically liked this movie because it shows how our real lives mirror soap operas..The best performance in this film worthy of an acting nomination and even an award is given by Matt Daclan. He gives a brilliant performance as the Noel, the suffering husband, who has to silently endure the strange set-up of his wife and her foreigner bf who visit her here to propose marriage. Matt is truly an acting find and should be given more roles. When I met him in person after the screening, he hardly resembled the character he played in the movie which proves that he was able to immerse himself into the role and look the part very different from who he is in real life.

    1. you're right Matt Daclan looks different in person that he portray in Soap Opea. Truly a new found gem!