Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Philippine Cinema: Best Films for 2015

From high mountains to beautiful provinces of Baguio, Isabela, Baler, Pampanga, Bicol  up to the sleepless beauty of Metro Manila, this year’s best local films bring us to the place we would like to visit, reflected in our eyes that somehow felt like our own. Relationship drama mainstream film, subtle and suspense political drama, journey in finding one self, from past to present up to the simplest appreciation of life, the year in cinema reflected a remarkable breath of our film industry. A total of 83 local films (down to 9 last year) I've seen and made a review this year from different independent film festivals, regular mainstream films  and special screenings. I'll bring to you my own pick of best local films for 2015.

Honorable Mention

                          22. Baka Siguro Yata (Full Review)

                          21. You're My Boss (Full Review) 
                                20. #WalangForever (Full Review)

                          19. All You Need is Pag-ibig (Full Review)

                          18. Da Dog Show (Full Review)

                          17. Matangtubig (Full Review)

                          16. Taklub (Full Review)

                          15. Heneral Luna (Full Review)

                          14. Manang Biring (Full Review)

                          13. Miss Bulalacao (Full Review)

                          12. Water Lemon (Full Review)

                          11. Kid Kulafu (Full Review)

 10. A Second Chance

I was pleased enough with its ambition and its execution. I think the film achieves what it sets out to do and does so admirably. I still quoting many of the best lines, find myself crying in most of the heart melting scenes and was even touched by the ending which is done in a most simple and natural for me. 

9. The Breakup Playlist

Music is a big part of the film, yet take us to a bigger over-arching narrative at play, and hence its themes of love, relationship, and forgiveness in the face of distrust and pain.

8. Dayang Asu

 A fundamentally moral work that is multi-layered and well-articulated mock to humanity.

7. Above The Clouds 

Above The Clouds is that rare movie that dares to be something more than just a film, but an experience.  

6. Honor Thy Father 

What defines this film is its controversial depiction of reality, but what it unearths is much more harrowing and heroic than terrifying.  

 5. An Kubo Sa Kawayanan 

The greatest asset of the film is its simplicity and rawness that stay with you until the end of the film. 

4. Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan 

The one-take, two-hour, three-character film is breathtaking ride of a mind game that effectively conveys the dirty reality of conflict between soldiers and rebels with gripping sexual tension and  civil disorder. 

3. Bambanti


This is not only a closely observed psychological portrait of typical family in the province but more than that, a moving social study of penury at work destroying the fabric of a family.

2. Sleepless

After setting the scene with vivid characters and some insightful interaction, the plot of this off beat romcom feels like a satisfaction. 


 1. Apocalypse Child

 An uncommonly perceptive and finely shaded character drama that resonates with rare natural screenplay and subtle acting by strong cast.

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