Monday, 6 July 2015

Movie Review: Da Dog Show

The Dog Show is the true story of a man engaged in trick shows in the streets of Manila. Sergio is trying to save enough money in order to get back his youngest son from his rebellious wife, who suddenly leaves him for good. He gets a lot of help from his children, especially his 27-year-old daughter Celia, who is inflicted with retardation. Celia misses her mother so much that she spends hours using her manicure set, alone in the bewitching stillness of the night among the abandoned open tombs of the public cemetery where she keeps a closet for her mother’s belongings. Sergio and his family live in a cemetery mausoleum.

Heartwarming and Charming! Mercedes Cabral once again in this festival gave us a one of a kind performance as we've never seen before. If you love dogs you'll definitely enjoy this film. Da Dog Shows offers a colorful window into the real-life story behind a compelling film. I loved the unique direction and very well written script. There is just so much to love. The movie's voice is unlike any you've heard in a while, it is totally fresh, in every sense of the word. One of the Filipino films that must see in this year's World Premieres Film Festival.

My Verdict:  4/5

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