Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Movie Review: The Breakup Playlist

The Breakup Playlist presents the story of Trixie (Sarah Geronimo) and Gino (Piolo Pascual), musicians who will fall in love with each other. Will they be able to hold on to this love forever? Or will it, just like any song, end eventually?

Piolo Pascual - the Philippines' hearthrob, Sarah Geronimo - the charming popstar princess, Antoinette Jadaone - the brilliant writer-director, and Dan Villegas - the promising cinematographer-director. All of them gave us a huge success mainstream and unique indie flick, so put them together, and you know you are in for a fantastic blend of
music and movie experience. Music is a big part the film, yet takes us to a bigger over-arching narrative at play, and hence its themes of love, relationship, and forgiveness in the face of distrust and pain.
A refreshing and superbly edited film that tells a story for the mutual love shared by two people for music.

This is such a nice film, musically romantic, beautifully performed by Piolo and Sarah, with solid support from Anna Luna and Jet Pangan up to the veteran actors Dennis Padilla and Rio Locsin.
There's freshness to this film with Piolo and Sarah's perfect chemistry on their first team up, both of them delivered natural acting that have resulted a romance movie that avoids cliché. It also helps that both of them have music background that make them more comfortable in their character. Well-written dialogue, believable plot and the music was great with songs that have soulful quality and are quite engaging especially the theme song Paano Ba Ang Magmahal?.

I laugh, shuddered with excitement and cried really inside the cinema several times. It's been a while since I got so affected in the film that I watched. If I were to make a top 10 list for my favorite movies of 2015 so far, this would definitely be on that list. The film has a simple story that has been told time and time again but were given an extraordinary treatment. The Breakup Playlist is a romance drama that lifts the heart and packs a punch. Not your ordinary romance drama mainstream flick with great soundtrack, heartfelt, and immensely memorable.

My Verdict:  5/5

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