Saturday, 18 July 2015

Cinemalaya 2015 Short Film Feature Official Entries

A young boy’s journey as they take his father to his final resting place.

Starring: Frank Daniel Atutubo and April Ramos

Written and Directed By: Anj Macalanda

A troubled man finds his own cure in the vast darkness of his room. Trying to persuade his lover to come back, he discovers a new form of therapy - his greatest ordeal, a terrible encounter he has to escape from. The horrors inside his head creeps into his skin and digs deep into his senses, bringing him closer to a much more shocking reality which leaves him no choice but to face his atrocious demise eye to eye.

Starring: Frank Ferguson Jr. and Arvin “Kadiboy” Belarmino

Written and Directed By: Arvin “Kadiboy” Belarmino

“Pusong Bato” (Stone Heart) is about Cinta Dela Cruz, a middle-aged faded actress who tries to relive and remember her glorious days as a movie star in the 1970s. She does this by watching films at home everyday until one day, during an earthquake; something breaks into her window and wakes her up from her Hollywood dream.

Starring: Mailes Kanapi, Anna Deroca, Acey Aguilar, Rolando Inocencio, Apollo Abraham

Written and Directed By: Martika Ramirez Escobar

An afternoon of love and farewell as Mark and El spend their last afternoon together wishing on a tree, waiting to fade with the sun.

Starring: Ikoh Alcuizar and Ryanne Murcia

Written and Directed By: Ryanne Murcia

During a performance, a ventriloquist suddenly finds himself talking with his past. Will he continue the conversation or remain tight-lipped form a voice long kept?

Starring: Ruther Urquia, Albert Abelido, Marinella Sevidal, Jazen Ryme Novicio, with the special participation of Natileigh Sitoy, Japo Parcero, and Jill Palencia

Written and Directed By: Darwin Alegre Novicio

Year 1983: Ms. Estrella investigates the case of Carlito Dimahilig, the assassin who attempted to kill Imelda Marcos. She interviews Rolando Galman, who reveals more than what she needs to know.

Starring: Espie Francisco, Joey Francisco, and Philip Francisco

Directed By: Eero Francisco and Glenmark Doromal

When extreme devotion and unconditional love collide, a mother and her daughter find their escape out of the loophole that binds them together.

Starring: Onyl Tecson-Cruz and Rhonnabelle Marcos Carillo

Directed By: Annemikami Pablo

Nenok, a nine-year-old street kid in Malolos, Bulacan adopts the city’s historic Barasoain Church as his temporary home and his personal space for mischief to the distress and annoyance of Mang Johnny -- the stern parish groundskeeper.

Starring: Casey Jedrik Palomares, Ronnie Esmaquilan, Maria Lyn Constantino, Jovie Ann Roque, Edmund Dreu Santiago

Written and Directed By: Rommel “Milo” Tolentino

Marissa lives alone in the dark with an even darker secret. Her only contact to the outside world were her patients, who come and go, oblivious of whether the fetuses that Marisa extracts from them survive or not. A complication besetting one of her patients threatens Marisa’s reclusive world. She fights back to protect it.

Starring: Ligaya Rabago, Chai Fonacier, Gen Mijares, Jaylou Dari, Nicole Blackman, Lyka Flare Ruela 

Directed By: Kenneth Dagatan

Before leaving Pampanga for good, Tib chances upon an old map that triggers him to retrace the places that are special to him and his high school best friend Tric.

Starring: Earl Policarpio, Ross Pesigan, Chad De Guzman, Brian Sulicipan, Midori Boys Hillcrest Soccer Team, Glenn Barit, Jade Castro, Alvin Francisco, Victor Villanueva, Bryan Dumaguina, Auring Vargas

Written and Directed By: Petersen Vargas

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Cinemalaya 2015 will be held on August 7-15 2015 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Greenbelt 3

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