Monday, 6 July 2015

Movie Review: Son of Mine

Lei, descendant of an unemployed coal miner, is an aimless man in his fifties, living a hand to mouth existence. When Lei’s son Jeffrey discovers that Lei has a long-drawn debt with Vester, a charismatic crime boss, he does what every loving son would do: He reckons his father’s debt as his own.

Son of Mine (original title: Gluckauf) is a gripping social drama about the oppressive relationship between a father and a son, who as modern outlaws struggle to survive, in the neglected southern Dutch province of Limburg. Son of Mine is the first artistic feature film of director Remy van Heugten. The story is based on Remy's personal experiences, who grew up in this pittoresk, yet poor region of the mostly rich Netherlands. A place where the social and economical consequences of the closing of the coal mines, many years ago, are still very much felt.

A glossy gripping social drama that is pleasant to your eyes and well acted by the actors.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


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