Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Movie Review: Tomodachi

A film that centers on a story of a real romance that generated between a Japanese and Filipina during the period of World War III .

If you like an epic war romance films, this provides a decent story of will they or won't they love. This is not the usual Filipino story told about Japanese invasion. It's a romantic epic, an intense and gripping look at World War III, and an effective mystery-quest all rolled into one with decent screenplay, direction and cinematography. Both Bela Padilla and Jackie Woo shines in a powerful, sepia-toned love story that surprisingly has a chemistry together. Joel Lamangan's direction is palatable to Eric Ramos screenplay. It isn't often these days that you see a local romance war film that packed with style, striking cinematography and a very strong and beautiful romance definitely worth your time.

My Verdict: 3/5


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