Saturday, 26 December 2015

Movie Review: Haunted Mansion

Ella (Janella Salvador) is a gifted girl, who sees dead people around her. The last time she used her gift to communicate with spirits, though, resulted in her father’s death. Her schoolmates who often bullies Ella, initiated a prank and insidiously awakened the evil spirits, Amara (Iza Calzado) and Veronica (LJ Reyes) from the past. In the midst of the students’ adventure, dormant ghost in the retreat house are disturbed and so they wreak havoc on Ella and her friends. Ella and her friends accidentally discovers the mystery surrounding the twin deaths, and so Amara’s vengeful spirit returns to try to stop them from spilling the truth.

Haunted Mansion is a standard cliche horror teenage film that effectively delivers. The movie actually has a plot, a decent story to follow, and a great cast.  A great cast can be the difference in a film like this and they defiantly did a great job here.  Janella's acting is good and commended for her exorcism scene. She has a potential of a next leading lady to watch to. Marlo Mortel and Jerome Ponce also did well in the film as a love interest to Janella. Ingrid Dela Paz is effective in her character. The cast and acting are really nice, the story is engaging with a good thrilling moments, the pace was very fluid and entertaining and it was a decent horror movie until the end. If you are a fan of a typical local horror film, you surely enjoy and would love to watch this

My Verdict: 3.5/5 

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