Thursday, 17 December 2015

Movie Review: Tandem

In the traffic-laden streets of Metro Manila, two brothers use the chaos of the city roads as a smokescreen for their shady occupation -- tandem robbers on motorbike. But when a robbery goes sour, the brothers are forced to graduate from low level thieves to high profile hit men in an act that tests both their resolve and their relationship.

Tandem is an awesome compelling action suspense that is every bit as intense as the most gripping thriller turns for a story that has obvious social relevance. Powerfully directed and acted, the film stays true to its story while remaining as gripping as any solidly crafted action thriller. While the film benefits greatly from having such a reliable actors, it doesn't live and breathe only by the performance, it also speaks to the intensity of the film making. Anchored with the strong subdued performance by the two lead actors Nico Antonio and JM De Guzman, Tandem is a much watch film in this years' MMFF New Wave 2015. 

My Verdict: 3.5/5 


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