Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Movie Review: Matangtubig

The film tells the story of how a violent crime disrupts a quaint rural town in Batangas. A girl’s dead body is discovered and puts the whole town on trial while the former’s companion remains missing. The ensuing media spectacle slowly exposes the town’s secrets. As they celebrate its yearly festival by the lake, an unknowing sleeping evil unravels and haunts the townsfolk.

With a great handle of fear and paranoia, also with the awesome dark and vivid photography, Leyco creates an atmosphere so tense that you can feel the anguish in his characters. There is some excellent camera work and sound in this movie. The film is slow but its horror is tense and eerie. It's nice to see a frightening film like this that invests in a chilling atmosphere of constant tension through moments of suspenseful anticipation, an excellent score and an efficient camerawork that makes the best cinematography. This is not your ordinary local horror suspense flick.

My Verdict:  4/5

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