Sunday, 25 October 2015

Movie Review: Desaparadiso

Ibong Adarna meets Martial Law. A dark valentine to turbulent period in Philippine history, sans the political commentary. A retelling of a famous Filipino magical tale minus the magic. This Is Not A Film By Khavn.

One day, they just disappeared. Just like that. One didn’t go to work, one didn’t go to his appointment, didn’t meet his date. The dishes served were left to rot, and the bed remained immaculate; the sheets unruffled and unslept in. One cannot say if they are alive or dead. And for this reason, there is no funeral, no nine-day wake, no mass, no burning of candles, or recitation of litanies for the dead. Because they are not dead (or maybe there are), and who is to know what has become of them? 

I love the out of the box concept of the film. Songs are pleasant to hear. Nice cinematography and production design. The film will definitely be liked by the the hard core indie films lovers out there.

My Verdict: 3/5


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