Friday, 9 October 2015

Movie Review: Felix Manalo

During the American occupation of the Philippines, a man receives a calling to start a new Church and lead people in their faith. Felix Manalo traces the origins and growth of the INC since 1914. It painstakingly covers and replicates events and locations as early as 1886 when Ka Felix was born until his demise in 1963.

A star-studded huge film with great story to tell. It's been a while that we see this kind of a legendary film. It follows the traditional treatment in film making but does not seem to bore me. The sweeping visuals grounded by strong performance from Dennis Trillo makes this religious-epic film
a must watch by Filipinos. It is an interesting take on how one of the most celebrated religion in our country develops. Director Joel Lamangan manages to transform a story, contrived on paper and even on reflection, into a spiritual flood-saga that's pretty damned immersive and elemental in its power. Felix Manalo is an impressive visual achievement that has courage to admire conventional religious morality and invent his own values. 

My Verdict: 4/5 


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