Friday, 13 November 2015

Movie Review: Dayang Asu

Money flows in the quarry business. Running it means constantly keeping a lot of people satisfied. And, digging deeper reveals a scheme designed for legalized corruption. Workers issue “official receipts” for the passway fee collected from every truckload of sand coming from the quarry site, 24/7.

A passway marks the delineation between two sides. It is exactly in the middle and serves both as entry and exit.

Tonton, the son of a quarry master, enters the world of quarrying. A newbie to the business, he does his best to toughen up and blend in with his co-workers. On top of that, he struggles to prove to his father that he is fit to be part of and eventually run the business. As his co-workers search for a dog to butcher for his birthday, he tries to deal with a landlord who demands for a higher cut on the earnings.
However, his diplomatic attempt on swaying the landlord is futile, proving that his father’s ways are more effective. Things get out of hand and he is forced to make a decision. “Dayang Asu” is inspired by true events.

Subtle, mysterious, stylish, non formulaic intense, gritty film that benefits greatly from riveting performance by Jun Jun Quintana and Ricky Davao. A fundamentally moral work that is multi-layered and well-articulated mock to humanity.

My Verdict: 4/5

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