Friday, 27 November 2015

Movie Review: Wang Fam

Wang Fam tells the story of a family of Aswangs - a vampire-like witch ghoul in Filipino folklore- who moved in to a new town.

“Before Malou Wang (Pokwang), the last virgin of the aswang clan, got sacrificed by her brother Jok-Jok (Wendell Ramos), she meets Bu Wang (Benjie Paras), a botanist. The two fell in love instantly and raised three kids: Duke Wang (Andre Paras), Cala Wang (Abby Bautista) and Vey Wang (Alonzo Muhlach), far away from Malou's aswang clan. As the Wang Family tried their hardest to fit in and look normal despite being monsters, Jok-Jok tracks them down.

If you have followed the films by the all-time blockbuster director Wenn V Deramas you'll know what exactly you are getting at. Same style and treatment but hilarious performance by Pokwang, Benjie Paras and Candy Pangilinan. This movie still works for me somehow in making me laugh and I also miss watching this kind of film so I just enjoyed it. Alonzo Mulach is so cute and the loveteam of Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman is a breath of a fresh air. So if you want to watch a mash up of Adam's Family and Twilight in local comedy mainstream film, watch this film.
My Verdict:  3/5

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