Monday, 25 November 2013

Dukit Poster and Trailer – Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 New Wave Official Entry

When a man becomes the creator of god, does it make himself a god too?

In a town with a culture starting to vanish, Acclaimed Director Bing Lao and the Film Academy of Pampanga deliver you a story of a man who creates god and his personal battles against his own demons. Focusing on the woodcarving tradition of Betis, "Dukit" is a tribute to the town's century old woodworking tradition, their faith to their GOD and Patron Saint Santiago, their devotion to the church and the willingness of the few remaining woodcarvers to retain the woodcarving tradition in spite of this modern generation.

 From Screenplay writer Honie Alipio,

With production design by the Famas and Gawad Urian Awardee Leo Abaya

 Directed by the renowned Screenplay Writer Bing Lao (Byaheng Lupa,Kinatay,Serbis,Foster Child), 

the location of the film is set in Betis, Guagua,

Co-Produced by Pampanga's Best and City Heights Hotel

MMFF New Wave will be shown on Glorietta and SM Megamall from Dec 18 - 24 2013.

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