Monday, 16 September 2013

My Verdict for Sineng Pambansa 2013

Here is my ranking of films for Sineng Pambansa 2013
                                         1. Otso
                                         2. Badil
                                         3. Lihis
                                         4. Bamboo Flowers
                                         5. Anong Kulay ng mga Nakalimutang Pangarap
                                         6. Lauriana
                                         7. Sonata
                                         8. Ang Tag-araw ni Twinkle
                                         9. Tinik
                                         10. Bahay ng Lagim
Best Musical Scoring
Runner- Up
Best Sound
Runners- Up
Best Production Design
Runner- Up 
Best Editing
 Runners- Up
Best Cinematography

 Runners- Up
Best Story

 Runners- Up

Best Screenplay
Runners- Up
Best Supporting Actor: Dick Israel - Badil
 Runners- Up:
Miggs Cuaderno - bamboo Flowers
Ronnie Quizon - Badil
Best Supporting Actress: Angeli Bayani - Lauriana

 Runners- Up

 Mercede Cabral - Badil
Isabel Daza - Lihis
Nikki Gil - Badil
Rina Reyes - Ang Tag- Araw ni Twinkle
Gloria Diaz - Lihis
 Best Director: Elwood Perez - Otso

 Runners- Up:
Chito Rono - Badil
Joel Lamangan - Lihis
Best Actor: Joem Bascon - Lihis
 Runners- Up:
Jhong Hilario - Badil
Vince Tanada - Otso
Ryan Agoncillo - Anong Kulay ng mga Nakalimutang Pangarap
Adrian Cabido - Lauriana
Best Actress: Cherry Gil - Sonata
Runners- Up

  Lovi Poe - Lihis
Anita Linda - Otso
Bangs Garcia - Lauriana
Best Picture

Runner- Up


  1. I think Otso was the lousiest film in Sineng Pambansa. The movie was so poorly acted and directed. Characters acted like screaming banshees typical of Elwood Perez movies. I was so bored. The lead acter was so unattractive and wooden. Readers don't believe this reviewer. But I do believe his comment that Bahay ng Lagim was the lousiest. I think the best films of the festival were Sonata, Bamboo, Lauriana, Tag-Araw ng Tinik. Ano ang Kulay was well-made but in Phil society we respect our elders and dont treat them like trash. We took care of our nanny and buried her and did not send her away in her old age.

  2. All of the films was well made. Its up to the intelligence and artistic taste or artistic capabilities of the viewer if they will like it or not. I like Badil, Sonata, Nakalimutang Pangarap,Lauriana, Bamboo flowers and Otso. They gave me fresh juices from the fines work of arts. I dont know the actors of otso, thats why i dont even cared to watch but reading good reviews from film critics, i am able to see it yesterday. And i realize the facts that they are saying, its too much but with good artistic taste. I guest they used not actor actors kasi halata sa performance ng mga support kaya mas naging magandang kombinasyon iyon sa objective ng film.Yun ang nagustuhan ko, hindi lang hain ng hain, hindi ka pinipilit subuan ng kakarampot na sustansya. Lihis on the ither side was well acted but i dont like the idea of giving unnecessary sex scenes na walang build up, pangbawi na lang ang magandang camera angle at pagkakagawa ng actors. Badil screenplay was superb, simple, has a concrete objective at hindi ka ililigaw. The direction of Elwood Perez, Chito Rono, and Joel lamangan was very good. Halatang matalino ang gumawa. Walang kwenta masyado ang bahay ng lagim, masabi lang na horror, sayang ang 100 pesos ko. But over all napakagaling ng pagbuo ng festival, ibang iba sa ibang movie festival na nakita ko.

  3. Thanks for comments Jeffrey Jocson and art viewering. All of us has its own opinion and interpretation of the movie that we've watched. The list that I made is based on my own taste and opinion for the films.