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CineFilipino Film Festival 2013 Official Entries


Synopsis of the Film

Mga Alalala ng Tag-Ulan (Memories of Rain) is a poignant, coming-of-age story about a young man's first encounter with love, romance and heartbreak. It is told in bits and pieces of poetic and melancholic memories, pouring in one rainy night.

Santi is a college freshman. His well-to-do family is coping with financial crises. They recently moved in into a small apartment, in a small suburban town. As Santi deals with teen-aged woes, adjustments with his new environment at home and in school, and as he finds escape from his parents' marital conflicts, Santi encounters love-at-first-sight...

Marie Claire is more than ten years older than Santi. She works as an assistant in a Cafe bookshop. Lost, broken and fragile after a tragic break-up, Marie Claire left the province in search of a new beginning to find her place in this world...

One rainy afternoon, Santi and Marie Claire cross path. She seeks shelter from the heavy rain. He covers and protects her under his big red umbrella. Marie Claire is the most beautiful thing Santi has ever laid eyes on. Santi is the kindest and purest person Marie Claire has ever met.

Strangers finding solace in one another, the young man and older woman begin an amazing friendship. But as Santi gets closer to Marie Claire, the more she becomes a mystery to him. And the more he gets mystified, the more he falls in love with her.

In his pursuit of Marie Claire, Santi goes through a journey of finding the meaning of love, understanding its complexities, fighting for it, facing its challenges and accepting the pains and sufferings that it entails, transforming him, earning for him his passage to adulthood

Starring: Akihiro Blanco and Mocha Uson

Also Starring: Mon Confiado, Issa Litton, Lance Raymundo, Pio Balbuena and Ria Garcia

Story : Ato Bautista and Shugo Praico
Screenplay: Shugo Pracio

Directed By: Ato Bautista

Synopsis of the Film

Based on the life of intellectual and revolutionary figure Jose Maria Sison, this film explores a tumultuous decade in Philippine history when idealistic young people decided they had to rise up and fight a dictatorial regime. This narrative film has elements of a documentary in depicting an activist‘s journey during Martial Law until his capture in the mountains and the nine years of imprisonment that followed, leading to his birth as a poet

Starring: Karl Medina, Angeli Bayani, Anthony Falcon, Bong Cabrera, RK Bagatsing, Chanel Latorre, Lehner Mendoza, Lui Quiambao-Manansala,  Marcus Madrigal, Jes Evardone, Willie Nepomuceno, Jao Mapa, Raymond Bagatsing

Directed By: Sari Dalena & Kiri Dalena Film

Synopsis of the Film

Bingoleras is a comedy about six single women whose lives are shuffled when a bingo marathon is launched in their church for the coming barangay fiesta, turning expectations and relationships upside down and inside out.

Starring: Eula Valdes, Charee Pineda, Lisa Diňo, Mercedes Cabral, Hazel Orencio and Max Eigenmann

Also Starring: Junjun Quintana, Kiko Matos, Cita Astals and Art Acuňa

Written and Directed By: Ron Bryant

Synopsis of the Film

A psychological thriller film that follows the story of Amir, a counterfeit painter, who figures in a freak car accident that renders him color blind. While recuperating, strange things start happening to him.

Starring: Ian Veneracion, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Lauren Young and Leo Rialp
Introducing: Bryan Pagala


Written and Directed By: Mike Alcazaren


Synopsis of the Film

The much-awaited search for the Philippine representative to the Fairground Music Festival in NYC unfolds at the Artists Hall at Benedicto College in Cebu. The live event showcases a battle of the bands and acts to determine the best of the best in the Philippine music scene. Marthe San Lucas, main vocalist of The Muses, one of the bigger contenders for the top spot, desires to win the audition contest at all costs. She arrives in Cebu two days ahead with her younger sister and the band's main songwriter and guitarist, Marie, along with their fireball of a manager, Bunny, to do some promotional touring ahead of the big event. The fateful trip to Cebu leads both sisters to discover hidden truths about dreams, fame, family, and the real beauty and meaning behind their music.

Starring: Janelle Jamer, Kitchie Nadal, Andri Medina, Chicoy Romualdez, Josh Manning, Eli Razo, Franco Reyes, Jenny Ozaraga

Screenplay by: Janice Y. Perez, Kitchie Nadal, and Janelle Jamer

Directed By: Janice Y. Perez

Synopsis of the Film

This experimental comedy explores the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a Filipino-American couple on a universal love trip—that which do not discriminate against color, stature, or culture. It is a celebration of the Filipino experience in a foreigner’s perspective, and alternatively, the realization of the American dream in a Filipino’s eyes.

Fil-Am romantic relationships: We see a sampling of them in all places. The best stereotype is an ordinary-looking, gaudily-dressed Filipina clinging to an obviously older, casually-clad foreigner, caught in the bubble of their conversation, traversing the street as if it was their own. That visual often intrigues us, to say the least. What then, if we feature their lives amidst the judgment, bias and ridicule, beyond what we see in passing? What is their story?

Ang Turkey Man Ay Pabo Rin does just that, as it features one such couple: Cookie and Matthew Adams, a Filipino-American pair. The story begins when an online Fil-Am dating site decides to document a week in the life of these two site users who successfully found love in the net, with the aim of promoting such relationships through presenting the dynamics of their peculiar relationship.

The documentary opens with an introduction of the couple; their origins manifest a stark contrast at the onset. The show further establishes them as a couple by showing a typical day of the Adams. Hilarity ensues as the twosome strive to embrace each other’s cultural differences: Matthew encounters miscommunication, odd customs and unusual habits inherent to the Filipinos which he must be accustomed to (or else); while on Cookie’s end, the challenge is to successfully hurdle one of the most rigid and stringent examinations at present: the U.S. Immigration Citizenship Application.

Meanwhile, the online production team goes on to document milestones of the Fil-Am couple’s week, including (but not limited to) the following: eating balut; loud karaoke music; a telenovela sick leave marathon; food fight on a fiesta; black-outs and brownouts; the “A” word; ukay-ukay fashion shows; and a visit from superstitious in-laws; all culminating in an event we Filipinos have not imbibed despite a decades-long relationship with the United States: A Thanksgiving celebration, featuring arguably the most sumptuous centerpiece of all-- the roast turkey. Every day lies a question: will their cultures clash and burn? Or will they succeed in receiving the best of both worlds?

Starring: Tuesday Vargas, Julia Clarete, Cai Cortez, Travis Kraft and JM De Guzman

Also Starring: Rolando Inocencio, Madelein Nicolas, Micko Laurente

Written By: Allan Habon

Directed By: Randolph Longjas

Synopsis of the Film

It tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who falls in love with a 35-year-old woman; years later, a girlhood crush blossoms during the fiesta of Santa Clara in Obando, Bulacan.

Starring: Angel Aquino, Lui Manansala, Jay Bordon, Teri Malvar, Marcus Madrigal, Lenlen Frial, Joel Ian Pagcaliwangan, Solomon Mark De Guzman, Marjorie Lonico, Leo Salazar, Rhea Medina, Gigi Columna, Sarah Pagcaliwangan, Star Orjaliza

Directed By: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Synopsis of the Film

A morality tale about a folk healer whose impoverished condition and instant twist of fortune become a fertile battlefield of good and evil. Mabuti, a healer who looks at life positively despite her poverty. Mabuti takes care of her ailing mother and four grandchildren. Everything changes, however, when she accidentally finds a bag containing a huge stash of money. The five million pesos could bring an end to her family’s problems. But is the solution that simple or is it loaded with complications?

Starring: Ms. Nora Aunor with Sue Prado, Ama Quiambao, Arnold Reyes and Mara Lopez


Written and Directed By: Mes De Guzman

Cine Filipino Film Festival will be shown at Newport Cinemas of Resorts World Manila, Lucky Chinatown Mall and Gateway Cineplex on September  18-24 2013 and at Shangri-La Plaza on the weekend of September 21 to 22 2013

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