Friday, 20 September 2013

Movie Review: The Muses

A story of sibling rivalry in the music business where two sisters find the hidden truths about fame, family and their own selves. Set against the backdrop of an intense talent show in Cebu City.

Kuwento ni Marthe and Marie, mang aawit at gitarista ng bandang, The Muses at kung paano matutuklasan ng dalawa ang mga lihim ng katotohanan tungkol sa kasikatan, musika, pamilya at ang kanilang mga sarili sa gabi ng isang mahalagang timpalak pang musika.
The film has a good story to tell about two sisters, about their struggles to their self and the relationship towards each other . A good film to watch for sisters out there who’s having sibling rivalry in the family. I also appreciate the musicality of the film, parang nanood na rin ako ng gig ni Kichie Nadal. I like the song “Malaya” hope Kitchie will release the song on her next album. Kichie’s face was so refreshing and appreciates her beauty here in the film. You will see different Janel Jamer here that showcases her serious side as an actress.  All in all the film is a good family, light drama, musical film to watch to.

My Verdict:  2.5/5

Janel Jamer and Kichie Nadal after the Gala Night sing Bulong

Kichie Nadal and Janel Jamer @ Gala Night of The Muses

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  1. Kitchie's album 'Malaya' is already out. Malaya is included in the album. But its really hard to come by for a physical copy.

    You can probably get it over iTunes.