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Sineng Pambansa 2013: All Masters Edition Official Entries

Set during the dark days of Martial Law in the 70s, two gay members of the NPA find themselves entangled in  a web of frustration, despair and victory as they struggle to fight for their love, forbidden by the NPA.

Starring: Jake Cuenca, Joem Bascon, Isabelle Daza. and Lovi Poe
Written By: Ricky Lee

Directed By: Joel Lamangan

An artist gives up on the world only to meet a young boy who brings the world to her doorstep. When you’ve lost the world and everything you know, you can only find your way by returning home. An opera diva, on the verge of a nervous breakdown after losing her voice, returns home to Negros Occidental and through a young boy rediscovers her art and life. As the world of the well-traveled opera diva collides with the world of a young boy in the throes of exploration, both discover the nature of art and the healing power of love.

Starring: Cherie Gil, Chino Jalandoni, Joshua Pineda, Chart Motus, Madie Gallaga, Angel Lobaton, Tanya Lopez, Dante Amaguin and Richard Gomez

Written By: Wanggo Gallaga

Directed By: Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes


Taking place in a convent, we follow the story of Sister Sofia whose life takes a grave turn upon the arrival of, the troubled and haunted, Fatima. The documentary, The Gospel According to the Kid, will also be shown, which brings us into the life of Celso Ad. Castillo himself and his works.

Starring: Karel Marquez, Bing Loyzaga, Lovely Rivero, Victoria Haynes, Ronnie Lazaro, Jacklyn Jose

Directed by: Celso Ad. Castillo

Tinik presents the struggles of a middle- aged gay couturier in staying true to himself.

Starring: Lemuel Pelayo, Alexis Navarro and Ricardo Cepeda

Also Starring: Bembol Rocco, Lance Raymundo, Angeli Bayani, at Menggie Cobarubbias.

Story: Romy Suzara, Jose Carreon, and Emmanuel Borlaza

Screenplay: Raymond Diamzon

Directed By: Romy V. Suzara

Badil examines the corrupted systems of elections that occur in a small rural town. On the eve of election day, the son of an ailing party leader witnesses the corruption of the voting system in their barrio. Nonoy is assigned to take over the role to monitor and guard over a number of people who were in their list of voters committed to vote for their party candidates. His father,the Kapitan is the party leader of their area but had suffered a stroke and is still now partially paralyzed . He had Nonoy take over the grueling task of monitoring and securing their area from vote buyers on the night before the election.

Starring: Jhong Hilario, Dick Israel and Nikki Gil

Screenplay By: Rodolfo Vera

Directed By: Chito Roño

A dark tale of twisted love and obsession,of abuse and vengeance.

Lauriana narrates how the disturbing secret of a soldier and his common-law wife back in the Fitles finds a poignant resolution six decades later.

Starring: Bangs Garcia and Allen Dizon

Also Starring: Victor Basa, Adrian Cabido, Jaycee Parker, Rich Asuncion, Chanel Latorre, and Angeli Bayani

Screenplay By: Ricadro Lee

Directed By: Mel Chionglo

A coming-of-age story, Enan revolves around the life of rebel  poet Emmanuel A. F. Lacaba who joined the New People’s Army and died at 27 in Davao del Norte during an encounter with the police at the height of martial law while he was a captive of the Philippine military.

Starring: Derek Ramsay

Directed By: Tikoy Aguiluz

Bamboo Flowers is a collection of stories that narrate the lives of various characters in the province of Bohol.

There is the tale of Ma’am Berta and her son Omel who are happy living the simple life along the Abatan River in Antequera.

But both are confronted by the condition of Berta’s aging and sick father, Andong. Andong loves joining the Abatan cultural collective presentation along the Abatan River Cruise. In fact, he also brought his grandson Omel into the group.

Since then, Omel has been performing with them since he was 8 years old. Now, Omel has to leave Antequera for a job in Tagbilaran city to help the family.

Meanwhile, in the coastal town of Anda, Sandra goes back home with her young teenage son Eric after the death of her husband that left them penniless.

Eric has to adjust to the rural life that is now pressing upon him while dealing with his anger about what really happened to his beloved father.

His relationship with his mother is much strained because he thinks Sandra is a weakling who had to retreat to the province with him in tow.
But nothing is farther from the truth. When Eric bullies a classmate in his new school, Sandra knows that she has to do something to finally teach her son some lesson.

Dolores is an intern at a resort in the island of Panglao, a requirement for her to graduate from her Tourism course. Her boyfriend Luis is also in his last semester at a maritime school.

Both love each other but they plan to finish their studies so they can work abroad. While, everything looks bright for Dolores, Luis struggles with his studies and eventually fails.
His father forces him to come home to Alicia so he can become a farmer and abandon his dream of becoming a seafarer.

Luis and Dolores decide to call it quits knowing that a long distance relationship will not work for them. Dolores then meets a foreigner who seduces her into a romantic escapade and offers marriage.

Starring: Mylene Dizon, Max Collins, Yoyo Singh, Orlando Sol, and Ruru Madrid

Also Starring: Irma Adlawan, Spanky Manikan, Diva Montelaba, Miggs Cuaderno, Barbara Miguel, Gino Antonino and Leandro Baldemor

Story and Screenplay: Aloy Adlawan

Directed By: Maryo J. Delos Reyes

An ambidextrous, aging author calls on his Muse to get rid of his writer’s block. Otso shows how a screenwriter’s search for inspiration for his next big project leads him to a journey of self discovery.

Starring: Jun Urbano, Vangie Labalan, Anita Linda, Alice Laba,

Introducing: Monique Azerreda, Vincent M. Tañada

Directed By: Elwood Pere

Twinkle is an 18-year-old daughter of a retired Army general (Cris Villanueva) who became rebellious and got hooked on drugs, specifically cocaine. Just when her parents (Rina Reyes plays her mom) decide to get her rehabilitated, her biological father — a former NPA rebel now dying of cancer — shows up. How Twinkle will able to bond with her real father while repairing her relationship with her adoptive parent?

Starring: Ellen Adarna

Also Starring: Chris Villanueva, Arnold Reyes, Rina Reyes, Dominic Roco, Mark Acueza, Pinky Amador, Lester Llansang and Annicka Dolonius

Screenplay: Enrique Ramos

Directed By: Gil Portes


Ano Ang Kulay ng mga Nakalimutang Pangarap centers on an elderly nanny whose future becomes uncertain after the death of the matriarch of the family she has been serving for 60 years.

Starring: Ryan Agoncillo, Jackie Lou Blanco, Bobby Andrews, Chynna Ortaleza, Kim Rodriguez, Alwyn Uytingco and Ms. Rustica Carpio.

Directed By: Jose Javier Reyes

Sineng Pambansa/ National Film Festival 2013: All Masters - Edition will be shown from Sept 11-17, 2013 exclusively in all SM Cinemas nationwide!


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