Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Take on The Voice of the Philipines

Here is my take and prediction on the most successful and talk about reality musical talent show of ABS-CBN: The Voice of the Philippines.

For Team Apple: Thor vs. Janice

Palaging intense pareho ang performance ni Janice and Thor. Belter vs. Belter. Technical wise parehong magaling and deserving for grand finals But I think public will vote for Thor, and Apple will vote for Janice. My personal choice is Janice dahil from the auditon pa lang she is a four chair turner and very consistent on her intense performance. Diva kung diva ang dating mala Queen Latifa.

For Camp Kawayan: Mike vs. Paulo

Parehong charming sa mga babae. Talagang bagay na puro lalaki ang minentor ni Bamboo. Technically lamang si Mike in terms of stage presence and confidence but both has voice and has its own style. But I think public will vote for Paulo aside from naging most downloaded ang song niya sa apple store, he is much more good looking and has a potential as the next important male singer of ABS-CBN that I think it's time after Eric Santos matagal na rin walang good looking na male singer na binuild up ang ABS. And I think Bamboo will vote for Paulo as well as mas malaki ang potential ni Paulo na manalo sa finals from the start pa lang Bamboo is rooting for Paulo na talagang sinugulan niya si Paolo that he said that Paolo will be the next big hit singer. My choice is Paulo as well.

For Team Lea: Mitoy vs. Raddah

Kuwa ni Mitoy ang masa. Public Voting pa lang mukhang lampaso niya si Rada plus the fact that he performs on Resorts World dati before joining the Voice kaya teritoryo niya talaga ito. But I think Lea will go for Rada obviously mas favorite niya si Rada over Mitoy though lets see if her percentage is big enough to pull the huge vote of Mitoy over public. Technically parehas mahusay ang dalawa kakaiba ang husay ni Mitoy and Radah is a professional diva already. My personal choice is Rada but I think Mitoy will make it.

For Team Sarah: Morisette vs. Clarisse

This is really a tough competition kung may lalamang na isa siguro 1% lang ang lamang. But I think public will vote for Morisette dahil mas may appeal si Morisette sa masa at may fan base though we can not deny the fact the Clarisse has a unique voice, kakaiba din ang boses at mahusay ang performance. My personal choice is Morisette though I like the style and voice of Clarisse but Morisette I think will win the battle as may potential siya for me na mabuild up ng ABS as the next leading female singer after Angeline Quinto. I think Sarah will vote for Clarisse as my personal attachment siya rito but lets see if that affects the public voting.

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