Thursday, 25 June 2015

Movie Review: Insiang

Trapped in the slums, Insiang finds living with her disapproving, sharp-tongued mother, Tonya, trying. Tonya, having long ago been abandoned by her husband, takes her bitterness out on those around her. In a fit of anger, she finally throws out her husband's relatives who have been living with her, but it's not for the sake of their not bringing in money anymore, which it seems on the surface. She's making way for her boyfriend, Dado, to move in. Dado, the town bully, is young enough to be her son, and this new living situation becomes the talk of the town. It isn't long before he forces himself upon Insiang. Tonya is at first outraged but soon takes Dado's side and blames her daughter for her own rape. Insiang leaves home to seek support and solace from her ardent would-be boyfriend Bebot, but he proves to be another Lothario as well. Forced to return home, Insiang turns this inescapable situation upon itself to exact revenge. 
I've been able to watch one of the Filipino Film quality classic film and first Filipino film to show at the Cannes Film Festival, the restored version of Insiang as the opening film of this year's World Premieres Film Festival. This film is so authentic, you will feel the environment of slum in Manila and it really tackles the typical problem of family living in poverty. I was impressed by the dialogue and screenplay of the film and on how filmmaker Lino Brocka shows the story of the film and the core of each lead character. Hilda Koronel and Mona Lisa gave a strong performance for the film. This is really one of the Philippines's pride in filmmaking and a must watch by today's generation as the film still mirrors the Filpino's poverty and the story is still relatable towards the lower class family.  Overall Insiang combines the melodrama, social status, symbolism and intense realism with a vivid and sensible style of telling a story.

My Verdict: 5/5

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