Monday, 29 June 2015

Movie Review: Filemon Mamon

Filemon Mamon is a high school student who desires two things, to win the heart of the girl he loves and to be the lead in a musical play about his Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio.  But, he has a big problem – his weight.  His out of work father and his OFC mother leave him to adhere to the guidance of his grandmother who loves to cook and who loves to remind him that “to be fat is to be healthy, and to be healthy is to be fat.”

Is stardom only for the skinny? Through the song and dance, Filemon discovers himself by overcoming the realities of life.  He may not look the part, but Filemoin learns about heroism in the most unexpected way.  He becomes the hero not only to his family and friends, but also to himself.  

Based on a popular Children’s Book of the same title by author Christine Bellen for Adarna House Publishing, Filemon Mamon is for all ages.  The movie does not only remind you to eat proper food but also to partake the universal message of loving oneself and others.

Filemon Mamon is the most lightest and enjoyable film to watch in World Premieres Film Festival. This film exceeds my expectation. If you are into musical and feel good film, you will definitely like this film. It is decently done local musical comedy film with the fine direction of Will Fredo and natural performances from Nanette Inventor, Giselle Sanchez, Jerome Ignacio and Miles Ocampo.

My Verdict: 3/5


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