Sunday, 28 June 2015

Movie Review: Sino Nga Ba Si Pangkoy Ong?

Armand, Julian and Paolo are good friends.  All three experience financial difficulties so they are finding ways to get some money.  They embark into writing the manuscript of a book similar to the books of a writer with the pseudonym Pangkoy Ong.  

However, the project fails because of an unforeseen problem.   The next plan is to blackmail Pangkoy Ong.  They are asking for a big amount of money in exchange for keeping his identity unknown to the public.  The film narrates the adventures and the misadventures of the three friends.

What I appreciate about the film is it satire comedy that we don't usually see on a big screen. Despite its technical difficulties, the film somehow manage to gave us something to make us smile.

My Verdict: 2/5


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