Saturday, 31 December 2016

Philippine Cinema: Best Films for 2016

From the amazing recognition abroad up to decent change in Metro Manila Film Festival, truly 2016 is an outstanding year for Philippine Cinema. Modern relationship drama, eye-opening sociopolitical drama, hipster inspired film up to mystical poetic film summarize our best local films this year reflecting a remarkable breath of our film industry.  A total of 99 local films (an additional of 16 last year)  I've seen and made a review this year from different independent film festivals, regular mainstream films  and special screenings. I'll bring to you my own pick of best local films for 2016.

Honorable Mention

22. Iadya Mo Kami (Full Review)

21. Star Na Si Vandamme Stallone (Full Review)

20. Camp Sawi (Full Review)

19. Every Room Is A Planet (Full Review)

18. Baka Bukas (Full Review)

17. The Unmarried Wife (Full Review)

16. Mercury is Mine (Full Review)

15. Tuos (Full Review)

14. Singing In Graveyards (Full Review)

13. Ang Babaeng Humayo (Full Review)

12. Oro (Full Review)

11. Saving Sally (Full Review)

10. Everything About Her

Bernal's smart direction are matched by assured performances of the three lead cast balancing heartfelt emotion with clear-eyed drama. Wickedly hilarious and delightfully heartwarming that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. 

9. How To Be Yours

Most of the scenes were real, it was intimate, rawly personal and yet universal. Dan Villegas revitalizes the modern relationship drama film in mainstream cinema. It was beautifully worked, experiential and relatable.

 8. 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

 Passionate, curious and wonderfully laid.

 7. Sunday Beauty Queen

Less is more works in this film as even the simple interview, scene and shot tells a lot and speak for itself. 

6. Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis

 The film is compelling, forward-moving, and speaks loud enough to embrace our responsibility for our country.

 5. Purgatoryo

 Loved its smooth screenplay and fine ensemble performance that deserve to be watch. 

4. Dukot

 Smart, powerfully acted, and intense. The film's brilliant cinematography parallel with the tight screenplay is commendable.

3. Pamilya Ordinaryo

Boldly unconventional and refreshingly honest. Pamilya Ordinartyo recreates the sensibilities of desperate homeless couple whose victim of baby snatching with perfect authenticity. 

 2. Die Beautiful

Die Beautiful is a moving tale about transgender that works effectively due to its compelling narrative and solid performances.

1. Ma' Rosa

 Ma' Rosa is a thoroughly engrossing authentic social drama with unique storytelling style we come to expect from Brillante Mendoza.

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