Saturday, 19 November 2016

Movie Review: The Unmarried Wife

The Unmarried Wife follows the story of Anne and the decisions she has to make after she finds out her husband Geoff  cheated on her repeatedly. While her marriage falls apart, she meets Bryan , who helps take away the pain. Will she find the strength to forgive Geoff or will she move on to Bryan?

The Unmarried Wife is a decent family drama that makes me cry out loud due to its realistic issues that it tackle starting from infidelity, woman empowerment and broken family. The film is an epitome of a husband and wife undergoing a trial separation. This film is one of the recommended recent local affair film that I watched due to its outstanding treatment, acting, screenplay and direction. Angelica Panganiban really did well in this film for embracing her character that I got attached to. This is one of her best performances as an actress in a film that deserves an acting nomination next year. On the other hand Dingdong Dantes has been able to provide what his character needed, consistent to his acting all throughout and managed to act well with Angelica. Paulo Avelino is effective on his role as a villain or third party to the main couple which we don't usually see in this kind of film. I think he will also get an acting nod next year for this film. Kudos to the screenplay for giving us a refreshing campy family drama affair film that people would always like to watch. This is one of my favorite and best Star Cinema film for this year. Truly the Unmarried Wife is the biggest drama event of the year that worth watching.


My Verdict: 4/5

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