Saturday, 19 November 2016

Movie Review: Every Room is a Planet

A quirky love affair between a mentally unstable girl who thinks her husband is abducted by aliens and her husband’s brother whose romance for her remains a sci-fi impossibility.

A different kind of love story that effectively affects me and appreciate its story. I get the every intention of the film to be different down to its concept up to the realities that it would like to take. Alien stuffs, weird characters, nice soundtrack, good production values from sound, editing, cinematography and production design. Bonus factor are the solid performance from Rap Fernandez, Antoinette Taus and Valeen Montenegro that really fits to their role as well as the supporting cast. My type of film. The dark horse and the surprise for me in this year's Cinema One Originals film festival.

My Verdict: 4/5


The Cast and Crew of Every Room is a Planet: Joe Alandy, Antoinette Taus, Filmmaker Malay Javier, Whammy Alcazaren, Melai Etuna

Antoinette Taus at the gala night of Every Room is a Planet

Renzo Fernandez and Lorna Tolentino graces the premiere of Every Room is a Planet

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