Friday, 4 November 2016

Movie Review: Siphayo

A self-made farmer and rice mill owner causes a rebellion by his two sons when he installs his young mistress as the new woman of the house immediately after his wife's death.

Erotic, Intense and Daring. It's refreshing to see a decently made pinoy sexy film in a silver screen. It's been years since I saw a very brave and no holds bar pinoy sexy film  that shows a lot of skin including frontal nudity from Nathalie Hart and butt exposure from Joem Bascon and Luis Alandy.
Fine performances from all of the cast from the veteran actor Allan Paule up to Luis Alandy, Joem Bascon and Nathalie Hart. The film is only not an erotic film but also a political film that tackles the current situation of land grabbing of farmers in the Philippines. So if you miss watching pinoy sexy film, go watch this.

My Verdict:  3.5/5

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