Monday, 11 July 2016

Movie Review: Iadya Mo Kami

Father Greg, a diocesan priest, is reassigned to a parish up in the mountains. His relationship with a young woman named Carla, has produced a child. He meets the parish priest, Father Alejo, an old friend who is addicted to drinking. During a healing Mass, Father Greg is introduced to the town's powerful couple, Julian and Millett who strike a friendship with the new priest. One night, Father Greg discovers the lifeless body of Julian in the church premises. He embarks on a mission to help solve the crime, a mission which leads him to the discovery of his own personal salvation.

Religion, Moral, Power. These are the three elements intertwined in the film that reveal our perceptions, our fears and what we value as human beings. Watching this film makes you question your own beliefs and ethics. The use of silence and minimal scoring props up the movie's themes. The fearful apprehension makes the movie effective. This is achieved through the excellent set design and cinematography, that even a simple shot has a meaning. The solid performance of the ensemble cast is also remarkable, starting with Allen Dizon that will surely bagged him another acting nomination for this film up to Elora EspaƱo that is like a chameleon actress that can give justice to any role given to her. Iadya Mo Kami succeeds in delivering a memorable morality tale  that we don't usually see on a local silver screen nowadays.

My Verdict: 4/5 

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