Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Movie Review: Ringgo The Dog Shooter

This is a story of the journey of  3 souls heading towards healing and redemption. RINGGO (Sandino Martin) is a 16-year old boy who works as a dog-shooter (the one who assists in mating the dogs with breed -- he will see to it that the private parts of the stud and bitch will be locked during the mating and no sperm will be put to waste in the process). 

Ringgo works for BONG, (Janice De Belen) a 40-year old lesbian who is a breeder of dogs. One of Bong’s dogs is Inca, who is a troubled Doberman. Things will get complicated when Ringgo, Inca and Bong developed a relationship as if they were really mother and child, and get entangled in each other’s personal issues and becomes each other’s protector and defender. 

The one that ties the three of them is that invisible umbilical cord... the cord of love and sacrifice.

Ringgo, The Dog Shooter is a fascinating film on many levels. It tells an unconventional story, with interesting characters, relate-able situations, realistic world building, and character dynamics that interweave seamlessly to create a really compelling story. Thanks to Ricky Lee's screenplay as it utilizes a unique narrative format, unconventional in its approach to pull up a strong, heartwarming and an eye-opener film. Janice De Belen and Sandino Martin are superb, working from Lee's perceptive and immaculately wrought dialogue, they ensure that the film stimulates both intellectually and emotionally. Kudos to the two for delivering such a brilliant performance. A strong supporting cast also does good work as anchor to the leads.


My Verdict: 4/5

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