Friday, 15 July 2016

Movie Review: Free Range

Chito is the son of the owners of a lodge in Coron, Palawan. Because of a shortage in eggs in the town, he gets encouraged to go into growing organic chickens. He undergoes trainings and situates the farm in a property owned by his father. Just when the business is about to take off, Chito's father suffers a stroke. Chito is unable to be beside him right away as a storm hits Coron. Some of the bookings they have at the lodge are cancelled, and 200 out of the 500 chickens they have at the farm are dead.

Free Range is a simple and effective informative film that offers a good overview of free-range farming. It is not meant to go into great detail
about farmers but provides an overview of what farming can be like and why we need to enhance it. I love the film's location, Coron, which is fully utilized in the film. Aside from its beautiful shots, the nuanced performance of the cast also shines in the film.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


Alemberg Ang, Jackie Rice, The Filmmaker of Free Range: Dennis Marasigan and Paolo O'hara

Carlos Siguion- Reyna

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